Skyscream Reemerges This Year, for Some of This Year's Hottest New Afro-Inspired Tracks

The house beats run a few clicks slower than the norm on the new single "The Don," as the smooth, Caribbean-flavored rhythms he makes under his Skyscream alias—a style most versatile—seems to swim along with a kind of vivid dance. The whole record is presented as a graceful, seamlessly upbeat mix, and the combination of crisp soca-vibed grooves and sparkling synth pads makes for a nostalgic pairing.

This song is profound in that it takes hold of you quickly and fades away before you know it. This tune is contrasting to some of the tenacious energy found in some of his previous works. But no less, it comes as a true testament to the versatility of Skyscream's style. As the track opens, an ominous undertow can be felt. The song, though supported by a seemingly bright and upbeat mix, is transformed through the aggression behind the vocal performance. The ruminations, behind the lyrics, are practically jumping out at you at first.

The mood is energetic with sampled synths cloaked in decay casting long, bright swelled echos, which make this track most stifling. Into this felicitous atmosphere, burst in the protagonists of this tune; the vocals. They positively carry this song as a whole with their unforgiving forward performances. Instead of hitting you over the head with the beat and letting that be the real carry behind a mix, Skyscream sees excellent value in the production of his vocals. With almost faint and very short delays, the leading vocals gain much more impact. And with this, Sky Scream drops the banner for where electronic music is now and where it can go, twisting and shifting its DNA until it emerges into something new.

You can find "The Don" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Skyscream! We're absolutely excited by your new single, "The Don." Your unique approach to this track is something we haven't heard from you before. Can you tell us more about your inspirations behind this new track?

As a Dj/producer my main thing is a hard trap/festival trap but I’ve recently been opening my genre styles by recording dancehall, Latin, pop, r&b & rap music. This specific track came to be because it was a follow up to my other dancehall track “BABYLON” last summer. Me being from Toronto Canada & having a Guyanese background from my parents originating from Guyana there is always something diverse about Toronto & Caribbean culture which I love so very much, especially when it comes to music. 

Who did you collaborate with and feature on this track? How did that relationship come to develop?

The vocals on this track came from using sample vocals from and then I chopped up those vocals out by myself in the studio by making sentences & phrases. It’s something I’ve done in the past & many people have said it’s really working well for me.

What is one of your strongest attributes when collaborating with an artist as a producer?

I always feel the need to collaborate with an artist whenever I hear their music & think to myself how can we come together so the world can hear a great collaboration. I just want to show the world how much talent there is out there and I’ll push the artist to their potential so we can come up with something remarkable, just like other featured artists on my music in the past.

It was awesome featuring you here on BuzzMusic! Are you planning on collaborating with anyone else in the future? Is there any more music coming our way this year from you?

Yes! I’m working on a Latin track to be released soon, I dropped an album late 2019 called “EST MCMXCVIII” with many styles of genres & you’ll get to hear more of it on my upcoming EP in 2020 & upcoming album in 2021. So I’m excited to show you 2 more upcoming projects with dancehall, hard trap/festival trap, r&b, rap, Latin & more!