Skyward Story Appear with Brand New Single “Home” Just Months After Album Release

Based in Baltimore, Skyward Story is a new pop-rock trio who captures the passion of rock with an energetic pop spirit in their latest single “Home”. This serves as the first release after the trio’s debut album “Reborn” came out just months ago in January 2019! Always improving their craft, “Home” is Skyward Story’s most explosive track to date. Now with multiple singles on the horizon, Skyward Story is pushing content and growing like never before. 

“Home” is a powerful song that builds up slowly from an intimate introduction to the full warmth and vibrancy of a pop-drenched soundscape. Complete with delicate vocal harmonies and a poetic depth, "Home" connects in a genuine and passionate manner, feeling rooted in real experiences but also presented vaguely enough to make it a song for anyone. Although the lyrics remain realistic, the soundscape continues to build up and down. “Home” is an anthem from the heart, and the way everything rises up helps reinforce the turmoil and emotion at its core. To listen loud is to feel the depth of the concept and to really share the moment with Skyward Story, ultimately gathering a level of togetherness. Overall “Home” is an incredible track, which such a great new sound! We can’t wait to hear more from Skyward Story! Listen to “Home” by Skyward Story here.

Hi, Skyward Story! Thank you for chatting with us! This year has been explosive for you. What accomplishments are you proudest of thus far? 

Hi! It’s definitely been a wild year, we released our debut album “Reborn” and spent a lot of time on the road.  I think having our album hit the billboard charts gave us all a huge feeling of accomplishment. There’s nothing so validating as that kind of acknowledgment.  Like, yes we worked really hard on this music and we’re proud of it, but seeing that others, and so many others at that, agree, just was indescribable.  

Your song “Home” is so beautiful! Tell us about the sentiments behind the lyrics. What the significance of the title with the main theme of the song?

Thank you so much!  “Home” is about the feeling of home in someone else, and how powerful that feeling is.  Personally, being away from home often, we feel it’s important to ground yourself in these people.  Family, friends, significant others, these are what makes a home, home.

Can we expect a new music video from Skyward Story in the near future?

I will say that you can expect even more new music, and with that, one of them has got to be guaranteed to have a music video, right?

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of who you are as a group? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

ABSOLUTELY!  Everything we write is real and personal because it has to be.  Even songs that aren’t specific stories, but only feelings, like “Home, are personal because our lives and experiences led us to these feelings that we had to write about and it turns out that many people feel the same as we do.  We love that our fans can really connect with our lyrics and messages. Just another example of the powerful bond of music!

It was such a pleasure to have you and we can’t wait to hear more! Can you give us any hints to what we can expect from you going into 2020?

”Home” is the beginning of a new era for Skyward Story.  From here, we plan to release new music every two months, combined with tons of content surrounding each song. Which means another new jam at the beginning of 2020.  We’ve also got a lot of touring already scheduled as well. In other words, you’ll be seeing a lot of our faces next year!