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Sleep Nation Takes The Industry By Storm With A Heavy Debut Single

Coming out of the gate swinging is rock duo Sleep Nation with their statement piece debut single and accompanying music video, "SPACEman."

Sleep Nation is making it known that they're not ones to mess with; the duo's powerful electric guitars and loud, rich drums speak for themself. Lead vocalist Bran Merritt offers an authentic and piercing cry with a subtle raspiness that truly brings the band to new peaks.

Teaming up with bassist Daisy Dead from the Dead Deads for "SPACEman," Sleep Nation has been on the hunt for an official bassist and was pleased that Daisy Dead hopped on for a feature. Together, the three musicians totally put Sleep Nation on the map as a force to be reckoned with.

Jumping into the new single, "SPACEman," the track kicks into gear with Sleep Nation's fiery and high-energy rock instrumental alongside Daisy Dead's heavy bassline. As Merritt's vocals begin to pierce through our speakers, he asks the spaceman if he even cares about the starving kids digging through the trash while he's up in the clouds daydreaming with his ice cream and new jeans.

The song is incredibly gritty and robust, especially around the chilling pre-hook that oozes Soundgarden vibes. What takes us by surprise is how Sleep Nation breaks it down midway with a 90s-like rap, then onto a soulful church anthem near the bridge.

Touching on the song's exhilarating music video, Sleep Nation and Daisy Dead give it their all with quality and high-energy performances while the duo cuts to scenes of living a tiresome routine in a space helmet, asking the theoretical "man upstairs" why things are the way they are.

Introduce yourself to Sleep Nation through their anthemic debut single and accompanying music video, "SPACEman (feat. Daisy Dead)." Find the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sleep Nation. Congratulations on releasing your debut single and music video, "SPACEman." Why did you want this single to be your debut release?

The first single released as the " Out of Control, Rock n' Roll, Dynamic Duo" features space echo guitar, hip hop swagger, and "bring it on home" bridge with a tasteful gospel chorus.

How does it help us get to know who you are?

Sleep Nation has combined alternative rock, hip hop, and gospel in one single song. You won't know what we will throw out next!

What inspired the theme and lyrical content in "SPACEman?" Who wrote the song's lyrics?

Gil Scott-Heron, the beat poet from the 70s wrote a "Whitey on the Moon" piece that inspired this song. Bran Merritt, vocalist, and guitarist, wrote the lyrics and composition for this release.

What was it like working with bassist Daisy Dead for "SPACEman?" Might she feature on more tracks in the future?

Daisy Dead is one of the most humble humans on this earth. She is in a killer rock trio, the Dead Deads, and she agreed to work with us. Daisy is welcome to be featured on any Sleep Nation song that she wants.

What was your experience creating the music video for "SPACEman?" Did you have a director help execute your vision and ideas?

The only thing that I can remember from the video shoot is that I was super paranoid about the motel management. I was for certain that we would get kicked out at any moment.

What can listeners anticipate next from you?

New album and comic book in 2022!



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