Sleeping Fit Kicks off 2020 With Their Stellar Single “Bad Habit”

Based in Memphis, the alternative rock band Sleeping Fit is ready to bring some killer tunes in 2020. Chandler Murphy, Troy Highland, and Darrion Sturm use their music to document stories of life and inspire hope, but most of all to share their creativity with the world.

Bad Habit” is the latest release by Sleeping Fit, which brings that classic alternative rock sound that never fails to get your blood pumping. With catchy guitar melodies, expressive vocals, and a solid beat, this track radiates energy and passion. Taking inspiration from both 80s and 90s music, Sleeping Fit has created their unique sound that is both nostalgic and modern. Whether you’re jamming alone in your bedroom or at a live concert, “Bad Habit” has a memorable melody that is great to sing along to.

Sleeping Fit’s lyrics and relatable and compelling, describing an all too familiar feeling of having to let go of someone that’s bad for you. But instead of projecting the sadness, they twist this feeling into a song you can dance all night to. Connecting with their audience is very important to them, and Sleeping Fit strives to create songs that will promote audience sing-alongs and lots of dancing. “Bad Habit” does just that, and Sleeping Fit is getting ready to release even more music this year. Make sure to keep a lookout for their EP 'The Modern Age', set to come out in August.

Check out “Bad Habit” by Sleeping Fit here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sleeping Fit! Thanks for sharing “Bad Habit” with us, can you share a little bit of your creative process for this song?

“Bad Habit” was a weird song for us, mostly because it’s outside of our forte which is rock/pop-punk music. We typically write much more aggressive sounding music so when I (Chandler) came up with the lead guitar riff I thought “how in the world do I rock this out?” Ultimately, we enjoy pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone so we decided to take a stab at an 80s-esque pop-rock song. We probably worked on that song on and off for two months or so before we felt like it was both different from what we’d written in the past but still reflected our sound. 

What inspired the name Sleeping Fit, and how did you decide this was the right name for the band? How long have the three of you been making music together?

We formed up almost by accident. Back in 2017 I was asked to play the Mid South Delta Fair and I was doing solo stuff full time back then. I was trying to put a band together for the gig and reached out to Darrion and Troy. We practiced for a couple of months and ended writing a new song together and that was kind of where it started. The day after the show, I asked them if they wanted to ditch the solo dude with a band thing and turn the project into a legit band. I was just so bored with branding myself as a singer-songwriter and really wanted to be in a band. 

People always think “Sleeping Fit” has some kind of deep metaphorical meaning behind it. It doesn’t at all. The name actually came from a sheet of paper with a bunch of different words on and we thought “Sleeping” and “Fit” looked cool together so we put them together and “Sleeping Fit” became a band overnight. It’s been two and a half years since we officially formed the band.

You really enjoy getting your audience involved during a live show. What is your favorite song to play to a live audience, which one gets the best reaction?

We have a couple of unrecorded songs that get a great response and people really get into, but one that stands out among the rest is “Rom Com Nightmare”. We usually start it out just me and my guitar and I’ll teach the audience the words to the chorus before kick the song off full blast and that always hypes people up. It’s very sing-along friendly and it’s high energy and people really get into it. We do lots of call-and-response type stuff, but that’s our most crowd-pleasing song so far.

What can we expect from “The Modern Age”, and how is it similar or different to your past releases?

“The Modern Age” is an exciting project. We have six tracks, “Bad Habit” included. The theme is “rebuilding” which is this notion that whatever comes our way, we’re going to survive, and that’s what the title track on the EP is all about. 

Sonically, we wanted to spread the nostalgia factor far and wide. We touch the 80’s with “Bad Habit” but also some early 2000’s Emo/Pop Punk, some Pink Floyd-esque progressive rock, and a very somber Electronic Rock song. We wanted the overall feeling of the record to remind us, and hopefully others as well, of less complicated times and for the songs to bring back good memories. It’s all tethered together by the same recording style and similar instrumentation. 

It’s definitely unlike anything we’ve done before, and the different genres that we use in the EP are mostly new territory for us. Like I said before, we’ve done mostly rock music, so when we started writing other genres, we were kind of apprehensive at first but later realized that these new songs really serve to accentuate the harder, punkier sound that we’re known for in the Memphis scene in a very fun way. Listening to the rough mixes, I think it’s incredible and I’m very proud of it. Hopefully, our fans enjoy it as much as we do, it’s really been fun to work on so far. We’re hoping to release it in July, but since it’s technically our first real EP release, we want it to be as perfect as possible first. But, again we’re all three very excited about it and we can’t wait to share it.