Sleepy Sound Will Cure Your Sleepless Nights With Album "Relaxing Rest"

Contemporary artist Sleepy Sound, residing in Los Angeles, CA, has revealed his most pure musical talent: the curation of sounds that are able to aid in a soothing remedy for those sleepless nights. We all know that we have certain sounds we love to listen to, although some of those sounds, such as a thunderstorm, may not be possible (unless you have a certain connection with Mother Nature). Sleepy Sound has created the best type of music--lyric-less, but full of warmth and honesty, Sleepy Sound really hits the ball on this one!

If you're looking to meditate, relax, or even fall asleep, Sleepy Sound and their musical offerings are what you need in your life! Once we gained access to their album "Relaxing Rest", our lives and how we ran them completely changed! Sleepy Sound delivers instrumental music that is targeted to those who need an absolute serene and calming environment. Each track on their album offers different benefits, and we feel the the patience and composure in every one of them. Our personal favorite to relax to is "Soothing Thunderstorm". Who doesn't love listening to the sound of rain trickling down, thunder pulsating through the sky? Sleepy Sound is the group that curates some of our favorite sounds, unavailable to us when we want it most, but now manifested in such an authentic way. The most spectacular element to their album "Relaxing Rest" is how legitimate the sound is of every track. Sleepy Sound's album gives us various rains, and you can seriously hear in each track the physical sincerity of the sound. Sleepy Sound tracks range from "Garage Rain" to "Summer Rain", including "Emotional Rain" and "Springtime Rain". The tracks vary in their transparentness, and we receive varying emotions and awareness out of each track. 

Access the musical soundings of Sleepy Sound here, and continue reading for our personalized interview with Sleepy Sound!

Hey Sleepy Sound! Can you introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic readers?

Sleepy Sound is a contemporary avant garde artist from Los Angeles, California. We bring listeners the most high quality sleep sounds and update monthly. We have Waves, Rain, White Noise, Campfires and more coming soon. Our goal is to provide listeners with a convenient, consistent and free way to relax at night. You can access Sleepy Sound from any streaming service on your phone and listen anywhere.

Going through your recent album "Relaxing Rest", we had such a surge of experiences with every track! We love the concept you have going with your music. Can you tell us more about how you came to create sounds such as these?

Sleepy Sound started as an experiment. We tried to answer the question "How can we help people sleep in a convenient and free way?". We started releasing sleep sounds on Spotify, Apple Music etc. and quickly started gaining traction. A couple months into our first release our track "Rain on Tin Roof" hit 100,000 plays and we quickly had proof of concept. After hitting 100k plays, I decided to run with it and take it to the next level. I hired a developer and we now have an Alexa Skill available in the Skills store under Sleepy Sound. It's one of the top rated skills in its category. I saw that there was initial interest in the idea so my main goal is getting it in front of as many people as possible, while still having integrity.

What do you hope your listeners take away from "Relaxing Rest"?

I hope that they will find it relaxing and help them sleep. If they have any ideas for additional sounds they can email me at and i'll upload their requests to Spotify etc.

Are there any challenges you've faced thus far in creating your music? 

Yes. Distribution was the first challenge I was confronted with. It was hard to find a distributor that would support my vision.

We know you're curating more music for listeners, and we're incredibly excited to see what you come up with next! Is there a set release date yet for the new music?

Yes. August 9th. We have a collaboration with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. Our Big Blue Ocean Cleanup collaboration will be an album of ocean sounds listeners can sleep to. BBOC is an international organization that cleans and preserves our oceans. We will be donating 100% of all royalties to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup so that listeners can help clean our oceans while they sleep. By enjoying these sounds we plan to help listeners create a better environment for themselves and sleep well while doing so. 

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