Slide Into mUsa's Latest Hit

mUsa is an artist/rapper/designer from New Jersey that creates distinctive elements of sound that offers a cerebral listening experience. Fueling his unique perspective towards sound is yielded from his heritage as a first-generation Pakistani-American and Muslim faith. Together, his founding principals in life have translated into his music, delivering ambient soundscapes with an urban flow.

mUsa quite vividly paints a dimension of sound that literally "Slides" in and out of your auditory peripheral. The repetitious synthesized harmonies cascade around the listener as the ticking percussion threatens to detonate all of the track, layering in a tense element of sound over untroubled aura's. mUsa voice is heard in the outer banks of the track as he commands the distinctive elements of sound. "Slide" is an inception of sound, and offers a profound introduction to mUsa's abilities to create dreamy and illustrated worlds of harmonies. His carefully constructed atmosphere of music weaves a tapestry of racing percussions and unwavering harmonies. And when you think you've figured out the direction of the song, mUsa inserts intervals of pause within the composition and places holy vibrations of sound. If you are ready to explore something different in your world of music, listen to mUsa's latest release "Slide" today.

Discover "Slide" Here.

Hello mUsa, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your latest release "Slide." Can you start by telling us a bit more about the piece and how it came together? I recorded "Slide" early in March before the coronavirus was officially identified in America. At the time, coronavirus was devastating Italy, which is why I have some bars referencing what was going on over there. On top of that, the beat (produced by whyzoo) gave me European vibes; it sounds like something you'd hear in Paris. "Slide" to me is one of my most chill songs due to the sound, the flows, and the catchy chorus; overall it just sounds clean. I was going to drop it earlier in May but when the release date came around I felt as if it wasn't time for this song yet. Now that it's summer I feel like this is an anthem people can just kick back & get lit to. I have really heavy songs coming out soon too so I wanted to make sure I have something that will balance that out.

Where does your inspiration come from to create different experiences of sound? My inspiration when recording usually stems from two places; my headspace at the time & how I emotionally react to the beat. At this point, I freestyle all of my songs so it's really about how I feel when hearing the production. My inspiration as an artist comes from a variety of places but some of the most important are; my identity as a first-generation Pakistani-American Muslim growing up in Jersey,  traumatic experiences I had growing up ( a lot with law enforcement & the government in general) & other artists I listened to are huge inspirations such as 2pac. Some honorable mentions; Anime, TV Shows, Movies, Painters & Revolutionary leaders such as Malcolm X also served as great inspirations. 

What overall feeling did you intend the listener to experience when listening to "Slide?" I want people to feel good when listening to this song. It's nothing deep or complicated. Just a chill ass song you can bump in the whip or with friends getting lit. That's a big reason why I felt that now is the right time to drop it. It's summer and I know the state of the world can really have a negative effect on people's mental well-being. People deserve some feel-good music right now along with all the meaningful music that I and other artists are focused on dropping right now. For long-time fans, I think they will appreciate "Slide" even more due to the sonic cohesion between "Slide" and a few of my other singles most notably "The Plan." They both feature hypnotizing & chill reverse samples that really bring out the best in my flow.  This sound is one of my most noticeable trademarks. 

How has your music shaped you as a person and what does having the ability to create music mean to you?

My music is an integral part of my identity and who I am. I feel like my experience growing up was something that is entirely unique - to the point of alienation. Music was the only outlet I had, the only way I could express myself & get others to understand where I was coming from. I feel like I have a lot to say and I need my voice to be heard. Music to me is therapy, I wouldn't be alive if I didn't make music. The ability to create music is a blessing to me, one that I take very seriously. I want fellow artists & listeners to know that words have far more power than anyone thinks. Your words will reflect both your current and future realities. It's really important to be deliberate with all the words you use in your music. Words are like sacred bonds that will manifest themselves in reality so I make it a point not to play around with words.

What's next for you throughout the rest of 2020?

I got so much going on I don't know where to start. I plan to drop a couple more singles before dropping an album that will encompass my best work from the past 2-3 years (over 2,000 songs). I have big things planned for my clothing brand AMN including a new collection this summer.