Slimy Releases Intriguing Single “Bloodstains”

Slimy released their single titled “Bloodstains” and they hypnotize their listener with this ethereal sound that’s idiosyncratic and completely unorthodox from what you’re used to. The vocal arrangement in “Bloodstains” was highly unique, delivered with a tone that I’ve never heard before. “Bloodstains” was animated and dynamic with a quality in Slimy’s voice that was bewitching and captivating. The vocals were colorful and bright while having a light projection yet a powerful impact.

“Bloodstains” feature dynamic and icy synths topped with airy vocals. Slimy composes an artistic piece that not only overwhelms with you positive radiating energy but it demonstrates authentic creativity in the artistry of Slimy. “Bloodstains” are equipped with soaring melodies that seeps into your brain. It was a dream-like song embroidered with elemental effects that will transport you into an unforgettable dimension and an all-around musical experience that you would not want to escape. Listening to “Bloodstains” felt like I was able to enter a pathway to escape that was polished and stratospheric. Slimy has undeniably impressed us here at BuzzMusic and we can’t wait to see what’s next from this upcoming star who has cohesive music to complement the iconic artistry.

You can listen to “Bloodstains” by Slimy here!