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Sloan Dalley’s “Better Half” Grabs Listeners By The Heart

Sloan Dalley is known for her laid-back yet enchanting songs, and is an international-award winning songwriter and vocalist. Sloan writes, records and produces her own music from start to finish.

“Better Half” is an uplifting, heart felt song that draws you in right from the beginning. Sloan’s vocal range is impressive and she is able to manipulate each note with such style, which has created a gorgeous sound that continues to gleam with her harmonies. She has shown that she is not just a talented vocalist but in playing the guitar as well. The way she slowly adds in each instrument really adds depth to this feel good song. Her lyrics are full of passion and love which really creates an emotional connection between artist and listener, along with metaphors that really help paint a picture. Telling a story about how she found her love, Sloan has been able to transfer her emotion into the song. She finishes the song in a relaxing tone that leaves you wanting to listen to more. In my opinion, this song is something I could see this as a turn to love song for people across the world. This catchy song is definitely one I would suggest adding to your daily country playlist as it is sure to get stuck in your head!

Listen to "Better Half" here and get to know more about Sloan Dalley below!

Hey Sloan! So wonderful to chat with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

First off, I am a wife, mom, and foster mom to two beautiful 4 year old boys! They are my everything! My parents were full time musicians when I came along, so I practically grew up on stage. I sang my first song to a crowded bar room at the age of 4! I’ve continued playing through the years, even opening up my own recording studio and lesson studio at the age of 16. Fast forward to today, and I’m living the dream! Not only am I blessed to play 2-3 live shows a week, but I also get to work as an engineer in several professional studios throughout Southern California. 

What are some challenges you have faced while writing and producing “Better Half”?

Honestly, this one flowed effortlessly. I think I wrote the whole song in 20 minutes, and arranged it in another 20. I LOVE when that happens! I think this one came so easily because it has such strong personal meaning to me. 

What is the meaning behind “Better Half”?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my 10-year high school reunion...probably because it’s coming up soon, and I’m in complete disbelief that I’m THAT old already. This has led me to reflect on how much I’ve evolved and grown in the last 10 years, and a big part of that has to do with my amazing husband, Josh. We’ve been married for 7 years and he constantly pushes me and challenges me to be the best I can be. I had almost given up on pursuing my music dream, but he inspired me to go for it! He truly is the “Better Half” of me. 

What are some of your inspirations for writing music?

Everything! I get inspiration from a little bit of everything. Better Half, was of course inspired by my husband. My kids inspire me to write about love, loyalty, and definitely patience. I’ve also written great songs that were inspired by a meme, or a joke I heard, or the ramblings of my dad. Inspiration can be found in EVERYTHING. My mom-an amazing songwriter- has a talent for “turning anything into a hook,” and I’d like to think I got that from her.

What’s next for you in 2019?

I have plans to release several more original songs and music videos. I’m also focusing on studio engineering this year. It is so rewarding to help other artist’s creations come to life!


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