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Sly Mike Released A Party Hit “Jackpot”

Sly Mike is an artist who's been producing beats in his hometown of Salem, NC ever since 2016. It wasn’t all the way until 2017, where he began rapping over these beats himself. It didn’t take quite long for him to develop a passion for the craft. He’s been ceaselessly writing and recording ever since. Commitment to aesthetics is deeply important to Sly Mike. Therefore, his artistic influences are usually artists with original and distinctive styles.

Sly Mike released his single titled “Jackpot” from his album “Slyme”, and the flow was super dope. It had this staccato delivery while matching the tempo of the bass. The beat complementing well with the flow and delivery helped create more emphasis on the track. The witty lyricism showed signs of charisma and personality while Sly Mike rode the beat smoothly. “Jackpot” is the type of record I'd want to play in my car. The entire production of it is perfect for cruising car rides, and even the lit parties people love to go to this summer! “JackPot” showed unique artistry to Sly Mike, while he projects a bold style needed in today’s rap game. “JackPot” will fit right in with our playlists of trap rap, while Sly Mike will fit right in with the plethora of hit-making rappers in today’s generation. We’re looking forward to seeing what else Sly Mike can come up with!

Listen to "Jackpot" here and get to know more about Sly Mike below!

Welcome Sly Mike! How was it growing up in Salem? Was a small town with a small music scene? Or did you grow up in a more musically inclined environment!?

Winston-Salem is a very small town, with very similar people who follow the leader which made me want to be different. just generic trap music and rapper imitators.

We noticed your single “Jackpot” is from your album “Slyme”, mind telling us about this album and the theme behind it?

slyme is the word sly and the word me put together. Sly is who i am, and the theme behind the track jackpot was to give people a taste of what i was going through at that time with people using me for my musical ability and other art forms like producing beats. Basically letting people know i hit the lottery with my talents instead of trying to finesse people and get everything for free with no effort or talent.

How does “Slyme” fit in with the concept of “Jackpot” ?

since sly is me ( i am sly mike) jackpot is just a portion of what i was going through and realizing in the end of my separation from a lot of fake people 

In more specifically, what was the vision for “Slyme” ?

my vision for slyme was just a hello ep that people could listen to and get a little understanding of who sly mike is.

What’s upcoming and new this summer for you Sly Mike?

Slyme 1.5 is coming out this summer, some live performances in north carolina, and more visual content online is being created as we speak.


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