Small Town Girl with a Big Town Voice; Hannah Gross

All the way from Metro Detroit, Hannah Gross proves that big voices can come from small cities. She’s now based in one of the most creative environments to live in, Los Angeles where she has been killing the game! Her music is extremely genre-bending, but she tends to often dip into the world of dark pop. Dark Pop is a fun genre that brings a lot of edge out the listener. Hannah Gross takes this edge and adds her special flavor to the ingredient, creating a more fierce impact.

Hannah Gross has literally known for her outspokenly bold lyrics that are unforgiving as it is captivating. Her vocal tone is purely addictive. She has a soulful rasp that carries her throughout the melodies in her music. Hannah’s innate ability to switch so effortlessly between a subtle softness to a powerful belt is mind-boggling. This striving diva has released two dynamic singles, “Fuck The Party” and “Real Love”. She has come this far, so why would she stop now? Hannah has had nothing but an excellent 2019 with her music career. She's the life to your party, she's the one artist who you need on all your feel-good playlists. We can't wait to see what's in store for her in 2020!

Listen to Hannah Gross here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hannah Gross! In what ways living in Los Angeles inspired you? 

Hi! Well, for starters the ocean, the palm trees, and the weather--you can’t really beat that. I’m from the Midwest where I froze my ass off for 24 years. I also think the types of creative, motivated people out here are inspiring; I respect the hustle a lot.

We’re a big fan of your music! What were the themes behind both singles “Fuck The Party” and “Real Love”?

Interestingly, the two songs both a similar message: I was looking to feel something real. There are so many vices you can choose to numb yourself from reality, and yeah it’s absolutely fun sometimes, but, damn, don’t you just get tired of the fake shit? 

How was the creative process behind both of these songs? Which was more challenging for you?

The processes for both singles were pretty different. I heart the menacing beat for Fuck the Party and I immediately was flooded with words. I remember going in the booth and singing on top of the track, “Fuck the party let go to my bed instead” on repeat. My producer Taylor was like--that’s it. That’s the hook. The song was finished in a matter of hours. Real Love was a bit of a longer process. I originally wrote the song to the guitar. I was going for westerny and eerie, but the song kind of evolved into something anthemic. It is my favorite song to perform live. I go all out and the crowd sings along and it just brings me such happiness. I’m like, this is why I chose this career path. 

Were there any different arrangements you wanted to try between both singles? Mind explaining?

Fuck the Party is a beaut and I wouldn’t change her for a thing. I think having a remix would be amazing though--it’ll give it more of a dance-pop vibe. I plan to re-record Real Love in a live/acoustic setting. That is where the song really shines. 

In what ways were you able to personally relate to these tracks as an artist?

These are my words, my melodies. They come from a deep place of emotion that is really hard for me to access in any other way besides my writing. 

Talk to us about this upcoming year 2020! What are you expecting out of yourself 1 year from now?

Expect to hear more singles dropping, more shows, and more Hannah Gross in your face. Get at me, 2020.