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"Smile" With Sofia Evangelina With Her New Single Release

Emerging Canadian Pop influence Sofia Evangelina has released her single "Smile". The characterizable traits of Sofia's sound can be summed up into one word: uplifting. Her voice has that natural tendency to inspire listeners and really make them feel something. With a five-octave range, you'll be pleased to listen to "Smile", which showcases each range. Her delivery is poised and positive, and we know there isn't a hint of fabrication behind the depth of Sofia Evangelina.  

As you first begin to listen to "Smile", you can sense those notable pop elements, but you'll be pleasantly surprised once reaching the chorus of the track. Sofia Evangelina embeds choir-like components that seriously elevate her voice to another level. Once we came across the chorus of "Smile", we felt warm and cozy with the pitch-perfect soundings of Sofia. Although she's a budding singer/songwriter, her reputation has already soared with this release. "Smile" highlights Sofia's dynamics in such a complementary way. Nearing the end of the song, we really get introduced to the vocal abilities of Sofia. Saying that her voice is wide-ranging is a serious understatement. A serious one. Her voice soars into areas we never knew Sofia Evangelina was capable of, but we were charmingly surprised to hear it. "Smile", ironically, is the kind of track that would make you smile, as Sofia surpasses expectations, and showcases her harmonious vocal abilities to her audience. "Smile" is available on all streaming platforms! 

Discover the soundings of Sofia Evangelina in "Smile" here.


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