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Smio & Dylan Joshua Explore Post-Break-Up R&B Blues In “4 AM”

Serenading us from Calgary, Alberta, is singer-songwriter and R&B recording artist Smio with his recent emotionally-charged single alongside Toronto artist Dylan Joshua, "4 AM."

Since 19, Smio has been working out soulful melodies and personal lyrics, achieving incredible success in a short time. Having reached over 1 million streams across platforms, not to mention hitting over 494,000 streams on Spotify for his single "Better Off Alone," Smio is quickly making his mark on the modern music scene.

Teaming up with Toronto heavyweight Dylan Joshua for the new single, "4 AM," Smio blesses listeners with the smoothest R&B melodies and sweet, soulful rhythms. While the listening experience is serene and refreshing, Smio and Dylan shine a light on deeper themes: betrayal, heartbreak, and self-healing.

"4 AM" softly opens with Smio's velvety vocals alongside gentle instrumentation, expressing his need for closure and reminiscing on the times he thought she was the one. Dylan Joshua's smooth flow later blesses the speakers, touching on a similar subject while adding an authentic, dynamic edge with his familiar vocal tones and unique flow.

The song's production and instrumentation are pristine, keeping our attention locked on Smio's radiant vocal performance, seamlessly transitioning into Dylan Joshua's verse and back to the hook for a genuinely stunning outro. It's a beautiful song with a profound message that anyone can relate to, discussing themes of post-break-up blues, watching your heart shatter like glass, and piecing it back together the best way you can.

If Smio has mastered anything, it's the ability to create truly impactful, timeless R&B songs that hit listeners in their feels. "4 AM" alongside Dylan Joshua is no exception. Find the new single on all digital streaming platforms.


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