Smoke Codeine Releases “No Flights”

Smoke Codeine is an 20 year old artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina who’s an aspiring rapper and been producing since middle school. He found his voice for rapping as of late last year, and his music influences doesn’t necessarily include other artists, but rather various styles of rapping which includes soft, monotone, angry, and abrogate. He was heavily influenced by EDM production and has now transformed himself into a more upbeat and melodic rapper.

Smoke Codeine released his latest hit called “No Flights” and he incorporated his multiple different stylistic inspirations and fused a refreshing mix that produced an evergreen sound. Smoke Codeine raps in a trendy, staccato delivery with a slight soft whispery aura surrounding the texture of it. It sort of reminded me of a hit The Migos will do! The autotune, wavy production, and appealing delivery gave the song a nice flare. “No Flights” has the right energy for a party and to get you vibing. Smoke Codeine is representing the new era of rappers who delivers the club hits! He knows how to get the crowd enticed, and listeners coming back for more. After listening to “No Flights” I found myself longing for more music from this artist. He’s an intricate creator and you can tell he focuses on the changing trends of music, to help perfect his craft at only 20 years old. Smoke Codeine has the game down pact, and the sound to match! He’s an energetic artist on the rise for fame, and this is simply the beginning!

Listen to "No Flights" here and get to know more about Smoke Codeine below!

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