Smooth R&B Hit “Ouh Oh” By King. S Will Give You Chills

Stephon D'wan Robinson AKA King. S is a 29 year old R&B artist from Pensacola, Florida. Growing up with a musical family, music has always been a big part of King.S’ life. He uses music as his escape and his lyrical poetry as a true outlet.

"Music is my everything, my music is a mixture of my feelings, my reality, my fantasies of life, my future and my overall experiences and I want people to feel good so I'm just showing people the world through my eyes with my pen and my voice"  

King. S

King. S’ vocals come in hard through the speakers in his new single “Ouh Oh”. He puts his emotive lyricism on display and wears his heart on his sleeve. King S. displays he smooth and powerful vocals throughout “Ouh Oh”. The seductive and sultry track “Ouh Oh” highlights King. S’ multi skill set as a well rounded artist. “Ouh Oh” is a contagious R&B love anthem to change and galvanize the music industry today. King. S’ lyrics are admirably relatable and pure. He forms connections with his listeners through his flowing verses and infectious hooks. We can’t get enough of this up and comer. Stay on the lookout for what King. S does next!

Listen to “Ouh Oh” here and read more with King. S below! 

What’s the music scene like in your hometown?

The music scene in my home town honestly is pretty dope we have A lot great talent here and it's starting to finally get noticed because everybody is putting in the work.

What’s your song “Ouh Oh” all about?

"ouh oh" is an adult play on the crushing game you can say .You know when you were younger and you like someone you do little things to show them but on the flip side if you take to long to actually make your move they end up moving on dating someone else, That's why in the visual I made sure to Capture the initial attraction and from there the process of us moving forward with the "crushing game"

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope my listeners get a sense of who I am within my music I also hope that it shows people it's ok to have different layers to you , and that it's ok as men to Express your feelings about love and the way that you are feeling period most importantly I want people who relate to my music to understand that their not alone out here if they felt they were

What’s next for King. S?

what's next for me is my next album Stephen/Stephon that's scheduled to drop this November! and I'm working on YouTube series I hope to have together by next summer !

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