Smooth Retsina Glow Has "Something to Show"

On the verge of their third year as a band, Smooth Retsina Glow is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Colin Wolf, bassist Stephen Zalalas, and drummer Brian Derkas.

Establishing themselves as one of Lehigh Valley's most talented and creative outfits, Smooth Retsina Glow has been receiving a wide array of local, national, and international acclaim, with their latest single and sneak peek into their new project.

Tapping into the nostalgic essence of "Something to Show for this," it's impossible to stop swaying your head to the melodic hues serenading you through the speakers. From sustaining guitar riffs, hypnotic bass grooves, and perfectly timed percussion hits, the musical foundation opens up a vibrant universe that is chalked-full of sonic atmosphere.

The way the lead vocals profess passion and power with each note conveyed is rather memorable. Hearing how Smooth Retsina Glow forms such a united bond in transmitting their musicality hits in the best way possible.

Spinning familiar and reminiscent energy yet taking it to the next level by making it uniquely their own is what we long for in the indie-rock era. Being the lead single release to come hailing from the band's third, forthcoming album, we get a chance to glimpse into the concepts and sounds unveiled.

Taking us into the song's deeper meaning, it represents the first recorded output of the new lineup, which has been together since June of 2021, comprising Wolf, Zalalas, and Derkas. Since the song's release. With a sound this tight and cohesive, you would never guess that all members are still riding the grooves of one another to feel what's right. At this rate, we know what will have them reigning supreme.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Smooth Retsina Glow! Congratulations on the release of "Something to Show for this." With this being the first track showcasing the current members of your band, what does it say about all of you as individuals and a team?

For this, something to show marks a certain maturing of us as a band. Colin Wolf as a writer- as mentioned, this is the first recorded single of the new Smooth Retsina Glow lineup featuring Colin Wolf, Stephen Zalalas, and Brian Derkas- perhaps it was all fated to come together to produce music as what we have done so far considering all of never knew each other before 2021.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of bringing this song to life? How do you all work with one another?

As the sole songwriter in the group, Guitarist and vocalist Colin Wolf will write the basic sketch of the songs- chords, lyrics, and melodies, and then give it to Stephen and Brian to be involved in the arrangement process. While Colin comes in with somewhat defined ideas about what he likes, he also gives some room to ad-lib to make it a "group" effort in the most fundamental sense of the words

What can you tell us about the highly anticipated album release that's set to be heard in our speakers this spring?

Metaphysical is the third Smooth Retsina Glow record, and it represents a crystallization of the aspects Smooth Retsina Glow has learned in its almost three years of being a unit. This album takes every lesson we have learned and distills it into what is perhaps the most unified release- unified in the sense that while it is a diverse record with different tones, time signatures, and stylistic connotations, it can now be filed under the indie rock umbrella, whereas on the first two records, New Frontiers and Out of The Ether, some songs appeared to shift genres, which made it somewhat challenging to get a label for us- now this issue has been addressed. It was also the first album almost exclusively recorded live, which gives us a better feel than doing everything one instrument at a time.

What are you the most excited about as a band?

What excites us the most is being able to feature original material in the setlist as much as we do and getting a good reaction to it. Our ultimate dream is to play originals exclusively, so this reception gives us the inspiration to continue working on our craft.

What's next for you?

Currently, we are gigging actively in Eastern PA/ Western New Jersey promoting our sophomore record Out of the Ether- we gig an average of 2 to 3 times a week, sometimes 4 to 5, and we are readying a new single to be released in Early March from our upcoming third album of original material- Metaphysical.