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Smoove Gotti & R.Stonze Are The Next Money Making Hit Makers! “Know What Up”

Who doesn’t love a power-team? A duo with a money mindset and the strive to attain all their goals they know they’re destined to. Smoove Gotti & R Stonze are the next coming icons who are creating a legacy personal to them. Both artists are ideal in their own ways. Smoove Gotti is not only a rapper, he’s a business tycoon with significant amount of other endeavors in his pocket. Smoove Gotti has had his hand in a lot of different projects, including comedy sketches and acting, and the entertainment industry for R. Stonze doesn’t necessarily mean he has to tackle on one specific field!

R. Stonze is also training to become an MMA fighter and qualify for the 2021 Olympics! He has competed in the 2015 USA Open for Team USA in martial arts before, alongside his own Podcast Radio show titled “Headkick” that is streaming now on Spotify. Together, they collaborated on an EP that’s bound to be a banger due to the amount of streams both artists are able to generate.

We listened to Smoove Gotti and R Stonzes EP and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with everything it had to offer. The project titled “Business As Usual” has loads of hits to offer us but one we enjoyed thoroughly was “Know What Up”. “Know What Up” was kickback and chilled yet had our head nodding and mood naturally connecting with the vibe of the song. The lyrics were catchy and slangy but had us feeling each punchline and bar they delivered. “Know What Up” is the type of song we can play in our car when we’re simply cruising around with our friends, or at a more relaxed environment that’s still shared between you and your friends. “Know What Up” has a melodic instrumental beat but had that classic midwestern flare to the beat highly popular and noticeable in Cleveland, Detroit, and other Midwestern Regions. The dimensions to the song were multi-faceted as opposed to having one singular layer because I mean, wouldn’t that be boring? Smoove Gotti and R Stonze curates a journey through their EP and “Know What Up” is a stepping stone of the iconic project!

Listen to “Know What Up” here and get to know more about Smoove Gotti and R Stonzes below!

How did the both of you meet and end up becoming collaborative partners!?

We have been friends since high school. Smoove got kicked out of his high school as a junior and was forced to transfer to Bedford High School as a senior and we both did music.Through the years we maintained a close friendship.  we recorded songs together in the past. Smoove took some time off of music and R Stonze had been busy getting it in. He reached out to Smoove and said Lets do a project. We took time from our busy schedules and got it done. Smoove Gotti is staring in a movie and the Executive producer of a film titled Life Lessons.R Stonze is training to qualify for the 2021 games in MMA. R Stonze also has a podcast radio show on Spotify titled HeadKick. 

Tell us about the EP “Business As Usual” and what our readers could expect from it!

I believe a hip hop fan would love Business As Usual or #BAU if you appreciate real lyrics. We centered it around beats that complimented both of our rap styles. Smoovemakes alot of universal radio friendly songs but can really rap.  R Stonze is gritty and laid back with punch lines. So we just decided to make it straight hip hop. 

What motivated you to write “Know What Up” ?

Well we had a dope plan from the begining to both pick three beats a peice. R Stonze picked Know What Up. He put The hook on it. Smoove laid his verse. We both think it has the most commercial appeal of all the songs. I believe Know What Up is the theme song for our Ep. You get both of our authentic styles on a gully west coast beat that has Swag and gangster.

What’s next for you?

Well we have a music video on the way for Know What Up. Smoove is working on his Solo project which he plans to release in the summer along with his Movie Life Lessons. R Stonze artist Young Vitto is releasing a new project in April. He is featured on the EP. We are building momentum. Headkick podcast radio is streaming on Spotify. We are busy. Business as Usual.


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