SNT JMS Gives Us Something Special on Latest Release "Ain't You Special"

SNTJMS gives us a deep vibing hit on his latest release "Ain't You Special." This Hip-Hop cultural advocate is creating music that incorporates raw, cleaver, and brutally forthcoming wordplay.

"Ain't You Special" commences with relaxing chimes of synths and an R&B tinged electric guitar before you are awoken from your dream state to a fast-paced, reverberating percussion and SNT JMS raspy rhymes. Showing us his multi-stylize approach to lyrical delivery, SNT JMS seamlessly flows between rapping with prowess and delivering sleek vocals on the lightened chorus.

SNT JMS demonstrates his expert ability to string together catchy and clever lyrics that captivate the listener. Verses like " Hands up, hands up, this a stick up for me taking the thrown,"   "I got a vision, got a prayer, got a minute," and "Whatever it takes to make a little bread," flow off SNT JMS lips like fine wine. The chorus moves in, and out, in its delivery of sound like waves cresting onto the shore and descending back into the depths.

We loved the comical ending SNT JMS added to this track, it brought us back down to reality after listening to this skillfully arranged piece. We know you will be thoroughly impressed after listened to "Ain't You Special."

Discover "Ain't You Special" here.


"Ain't You Special" is a seriously special track in its ability to hook the listener! Can you tell us a bit about the track and its meaning? One of my more personal tracks.  It discusses the idea that despite having a talent or a vision it can feel like there is no place for me or many many others like me.  However, we have great examples of men and women (Stevie, Nina, Louie - all mentioned in the song) that HAVE done amazing things despite the odds and so we have hope.  You have incorporated so many interpretations of life so creatively  on "Ain't Your Special." What were your inspirations for writing this song? Real-life experiences like recording in the closet and my brother and I being raised by my Father and him working ALOT!!!! Lol.  These things stuck with me about how I wanted to live my own life differently.   Then as I grew into a man I ran into challenges of the juxtaposition of being black in America without necessarily fitting into the traditional lens that entertainment paints most black Americans. Those moments def show up in the song.   You mentioned you strive to be a cultural advocate for HipHop. What about this genre of music has you so devoted to its development? I believe HipHop to be the culture’s greatest natural resource. I believe it has the power to change the world.  Hip-hop has arguably done more for race relations and global awareness than any other music in history.  It is both the clever prowess of jazz-like Miles and the potent spoken word like King, X, and Baldwin.  HipHop taught me how to greet my friends as loved ones, how to express myself thru fashion and dance, and that creativity is still king.   When you sit down and start creating a song, what are the goals you want to achieve in its delivery to your listeners? My goal is always to keep it interesting, make people think, and to create with honesty, authenticity & creativity as my navigators. This can be challenging at times because what’s true isn’t always what’s interesting. But I think the risk is inherent in all great works of art.   So I tend to err on the side of recklessness and just say what I feel. Ultimately, I’m just telling my story realizing that no man is an island and someone undoubtedly will feel what I have felt and resonate with it and hopefully find some light in the dark.