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So Cekure Breaks Down Love And Heartbreak In Nostalgic Single, “No One Else”

Let 29-year-old Shelton Cambell, better known by his artist So Cekure romance his way back into your heart with his new track, “No One Else."

Born and raised in Landover, Maryland, So Cekure has spent the last 9 years honing his musical craft, and forming a catalog of music that he is truly proud of. Having released 6 singles, appeared on various radio shows, and had a slew of live performances, he is clearly dedicated to his craft and on his way to great things. So Cekure hopes to continue to work on his catalog of music and collaborate with other artists in his field, and is definitely someone we plan to keep our eyes on.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at So Cekure’s most recent single, “No One Else." Immediately, listeners are engulfed in a soundscape of production elements that feels extremely reminiscent of old Kanye-style work. So Cekure, with the help of producer Epik The Dawn, has fed in elements of old-school Hip Hop that feel very warm and nostalgic, featuring soulful background singers reinforcing the title of the track, “No One Else” throughout the song. It also featured trap drums and an 808 groove that carries the track along gracefully.

So Cekure’s vocals are powerful and extremely articulate, allowing us to follow along perfectly to the story he is telling. He brings us along for a journey of love and heartbreak, speaking directly to someone he cares about deeply while professing his feelings for them over the course of the track. He wishes that they would rekindle what they had together because there truly is no one else for him in his eyes. We feel his vulnerability and praise him for his honestly throughout the song, and can’t wait to hear what he brings to the table in future releases.

Join us as we are carried away by the nostalgic energy and honest lyrics So Cekure brings forward in his latest single, “No One Else,” available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, So Cekure. We are really feeling your single, “No One Else,” and really appreciate your vulnerability throughout your lyrics. Was it tough to tap into such a personal and emotional experience while writing “No One Else?" Thank You I’m happy you guys like the single. I wouldn’t say that it was tough writing the single because it was something that I was currently going through when I wrote it. Writing it was somewhat therapeutic. It helped me to think about and articulate what I was feeling. I will say that it was tough during the production phase having to listen to the song constantly. It made me really emotional at times. We love the romantic nostalgic feeling within the production of the track. What was it like working with producer Epik The Dawn, and how did he help execute the vision you had for “No One Else?" I didn’t actually work closely with Epik. I went to his online beat store and found it. I will say that I love his work and he’s one of my favorite producers that I’ve found. It was perfect timing when I found this particular instrumental on his website. Everything seemed to just flow so easily. His music really brought forth what was on my heart. Is there a section of the song that is the most meaningful for you? Every part where I stopped singing and just talked about what was on my heart as I was writing it. The sample that Epik used inspired the entire song which is why I named it No One Else. It was so strong that I didn’t feel the need to write a hook. Instead of making a catchy hook, I decided to just speak to the woman I wrote the song for. Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most? What do you hope listeners will take away from this song while listening?

I wanted this song to resonate the most with the woman I wrote it for. I felt like I tried everything else to get through to her and maybe if expressed how I felt with my art it would work. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I hope that people will listen to this song and understand a few things. It’s not simply if it’s for someone you love. Fight for whatever you deem is worth fighting for but you can’t fight by yourself. Know when it’s in your best interest to walk away. Forgive people not for them but for yourself and learn from every experience.


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