So Cekure Is Back Again With His Vibing Release “Ahh"

Coming back to BuzzMusic is the Maryland based hip-hop artist So Cekure. Since beginning his career in 2012 and being compared to icons such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Logic, and Wale, So Cekure is not an artist to be taken lightly. After the release of his debut single "On My I G," So Cekure has gained over 5k views within the first week and is now back again with his second single "Ahh." "Ahh," from the moment the beat hits, will throw you off of your seat and send you into a craze where you won't be able to stop your body from moving to the beat. So Cekure brings back his soon to be signature production style with the use of a heart-pumping 808 drum kit. It dynamically evolves throughout "Ahh", a background instrument that sets an esoteric vibe, and his direction in your face vocal performance that feels like it has weight and depth. We can hear how So Cekure has evolved as an artist, with the tight flow in "Ahh" we got a sense for how So Cekure was able to keep a tempo that felt good to listen to while maintaining things consistently exciting. Every release from So Cekure gets us more and more exciting, and we can't wait to hear what is next to come in future chapters of So Cekure's career.

You can listen to “Ahh” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic So Cekure! We are loving your latest release “Ahh”! How do you feel this release relates to you as an artist versus “Oh My I G”? What kind of growth did you feel you had as an artist from these two releases?

On My I G showed you the much more subtle/softer side of my mentality when it comes to women. Ahh displays a more aggressively vulgar approach. The yin and yang if you will. As far as growth, I believe that for a little while before, I placed a parental block on the content. This time around it was completely taken off.

My voice has gotten stronger, my execution has gotten better, and I've also elevated my team. From producers to my engineer, to the studio I record at. I've only gone up in quality all the way around.

Your release “Ahh” shows off how tight you are able to keep a rhythm while also storytelling in your lyrics. From your perspective, what do the lyrics mean to you? Is there any correlation between this release and “On My I G”?

Well, the objective this time around was to not only create a fun song that people can dance to but to make a strip club/club record. I wanted to showcase that vision with each bar and really feel like that was accomplished. I also used a lot of metaphors and double even triple entendre. Something I haven't displayed much in my music prior to this record. Two birds with one stone.

The only correlation I would say is between the two are that the songs are about women and display two sides of my perception of them.

The production of this release brings in heavy sounding drums and a light background instrument that sets the vibe, how did you come to this? Do you have any influences that also do music similar to this that you took inspiration from?

Two artists that we signed recently at Only3Shots Records are Chief Lo and Von$ki. They had a song called toxic they were working on and when I heard the beat, I was curious as to who made it. They let me know that it was a producer named Angellaciencia from Cali I believe. I went searching through his catalog and found the beat for ahh and it was history from that point.

Dababy and Meg Thee Stallion are two artists that inspired the content of this song and would be my dream features for a remix.

With “Ahh” now being out, do you have any goals that you’d like to achieve for future releases or even this one? What are some steps you have in place to achieve to help you achieve those goals?

My only goal with my music is to continue to show growth and versatility. To be a better artist and create better music than the previous. To explore and display every facet of who I am in my music.

I continue to write often and practice different deliveries. I rehearse until my voice is gone sometimes. Just putting in the time and dedication to elevate my mind, my voice, and my craft.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during these times?

I've been studying more about the music business and social media advertising. I'm not only signed to Only3Shots but I'm also the president of the company. So also taking care of the business and my art has been more than enough to keep me in the house and busy. Working on new music as well.