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So Vicious Intimately Reflects on, "The Reason"

So Vicious is one of the hardest working female rappers coming out of San Francisco. Having released over six albums she has been garnering major attention in and out the Bay with consistent YouTube releases and an organic presence.

She combines the perfect amount of sexy and gangster in her lyrics, while always maintaining her sincere authenticity. So Vicious is equipped with a hustler mentality and a will to win is brought on by being raised in The Bay area but also in the way that she writes like there is no tomorrow.

Flipping the switch and delivering yet another alluring composition, So Vicious taps into a vulnerable soundscape that remains direct all while playing upon the emotions she feels as an individual. “The Reason,” intricately outlines the betrayal she has faced by a certain man doing her wrong. Deciphering the pain that she feels as her lyrical dexterity weaves in and out of personal reflections, So Vicious reinforces the fact that she will no longer be taken advantage of.

Sultry and confident as she effortlessly flexes her boisterous persona on her seasoned tracks, you can’t hold a flame to the work ethic that So Vicious offers in her consistency. Known for being playful with her lyrics, “The Reason,” tunes into a zealous display of grippingly raw emotion based on lived experiences. So Vicious conveys a magnetic appeal in the mesmerizing hook that she lays down, as her verses take the driver’s seat as she establishes her name as a true wordsmith.

Dabbling into the multifaceted traits sprawled into the musicality of So Vicious, she doesn’t show any signs of pumping the brakes. Her audience is in for a treat with the intimate imagery shed on “The Reason,” and we’ll bet on that.

Q have to start by saying that we love your latest track, “The Reason.” What encouraged you to dive into such an intimate topic for this specific song?

Hi, Thank You for having me. I dove into this topic because I know a lot of females can relate to it. I wanted to touch on something I knew people would feel. I always talk about something I've been thru or something I have seen firsthand. A lot of female artists now are all talking about taking a guy's money, their private parts, or a Birkin bag. I wanted to do something different.

You’re constantly elevating your craft. Do you have a preferred subject to write about when getting creative?

Most of the time when I get creative it depends on the type of beat I have or the mood I'm in at that moment. I'm definitely elevating my style & my content. I have elevated a lot I am in a different space than I was 5 years ago. I have grown & so has my music.

How does “The Reason,” hold up to other songs that are available in your music catalog?

I believe this song is telling a story rather than just rapping a verse. "The Reason" shows my growth & is a little different than most songs in my catalog. I aim to make music that is Timeless.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from the authentic overflow of truth in “The Reason?"

I hope that my listeners can relate to my song. I want them to understand that most people all go thru the same situations. We all have to learn how to deal with the cards we are dealt with & choose not to fly off the handle, remain calm & graceful no matter what. The good person always wins in the end.

What's next for you?

I plan to keep dropping singles & visuals providing my supporters with good music. I also can't wait for things to open back up so I can start doing shows again. I want to travel to different states & cities, grow my fan base, & start building a legacy while doing what I love.



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