Soar Amongst the Clouds With Sleep House's Recent Single, "Skydiving in Dubai"

New Jersey-based alt-pop band Sleep House releases their latest stimulating single, "Skydiving in Dubai." 

The group consists of Nicholas Gardyasz, Adam Mink, Evan Marcinko, and Nick Marcinko. Fresh off the release of their soaring singles "Pano 319" and "Don't You Cry," Sleep House is busy crafting their upcoming EP "High Tide," which features the two singles and much more. 

With their latest hit "Skydiving in Dubai," Sleep House flies through the sky with bright alternative instrumentation and whaling electric guitars. Not to mention emotional and heartfelt lyricism, this single is jam-packed with Sleep House's four beating hearts. 

"Skydiving in Dubai" opens very Kings of Leon-Esque, with uplifting and melodic alt-rock/pop instrumentals and layered electric guitars. Once the warm vocals kick in, a different atmosphere and a slower tempo graces the song and pushes a heartfelt message of holding onto love through the toughest of times. The empowering hook takes the listener out of this world with an overall exhilarating sensation through surreal instrumentation. The lead vocal powers through and changes his delivery to match each transition within the dynamic track while the thumping drums bring the listener back down to earth. With each melody and lyric Sleep House delivers in "Skydiving in Dubai," we're left anticipating greatness for the band, especially with their upcoming EP "High Tide."

Was there a particular concept or storyline behind your recent single "Skydiving in Dubai"?

The song is really about just being hopeful, and going for what you want no matter what comes your way. 

What was the creative process like between the four of you when constructing "Skydiving in Dubai"? Do you have a certain creative system within the group?

We’ve never really had a specific way of making music, we kind of just let the creativity flow freely. Sometimes we’ll sit down and fully flesh out a song idea, and other times we’ll just be jamming at practice then all of a sudden have a new song written. For this record, Adam had come in with most of the song written, we jammed it out in about an hour, and had gotten a good demo recorded. Not too long after, we bought a synthesizer called the OP-1, and that's when everything started to click. It gave us a lot of cool sounds for building the atmosphere of the song, and the record as a whole. 

How does your single "Skydiving in Dubai" tie in with your upcoming EP "High Tide," and what should we expect from the overall project?

“Skydiving In Dubai” was the song that really got us excited to make the EP, and we knew almost immediately that it had to be the first song on the project. It has so much tension and excitement in the music, it really reflects how we were feeling when we were making it. High Tide is our proudest work we’ve made so far, it was the first time where we could take the ideas in our heads, and translate them to the song without any learning curves.

How does your upcoming EP "High Tide" relate or differ from your previous EP "There Is No Time for Romance"?

High Tide is almost like the epilogue to There Is No Time for Romance. Our previous EP dealt with loss, mental health struggles, and trying your best to figure out how to mend it all. For High Tide though, it's very self-reflective, and we started to find answers to the questions that the last EP brought up. Musically, High Tide has a much brighter and vibrant tone than our previous EP, but it still has that sleep house sound, just more matured. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

We spent most of the quarantine working on the record, and during that time we shared between each other music that was coming out and music that none of us had really gotten into before. The new Strokes record was a point of inspiration for the EP, but we really started to get into 60s/70s soft rock, old jazz ballad music, and modern R&B