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Soar Amongst the Clouds with Ute's, "Music Makes Me Fly"

Fresh off the release of her well-received documentary, the jazz/adult contemporary artist and singer-songwriter Ute returns to BuzzMusic to highlight her inspirational single, "Music Makes Me Fly."

Always striving to form a deeper connection with her audience, Ute stops at nothing until she spreads her message of self-acceptance and empowerment. Recently releasing her documentary entitled "UTE - Music Makes Me Fly," Ute revolved the film around her inspirational and personal single, "Music Makes Me Fly."

Letting listeners into her personal and creative world through the single "Music Makes Me Fly," Ute perfectly complements the song's emotional and passionate theme throughout the acclaimed documentary. While the single touches on the otherworldly feelings she has when composing and creating music, viewers can catch Ute's in-depth creative process throughout various scenes in the documentary.

Continuing to act as an inspiration for anyone facing life's uncontrollable ways, Ute is always there to pick up her audience and remind them of brighter days. Watch Ute's Documentary "UTE - Music Makes Me Fly" on Prime Video, and catch the inspirational single on all streaming platforms.

You can watch Ute's documentary, "Music Makes Me Fly," here.



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