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Soar Through “Half the Sky” With One Listen of Rooftop Heroes Latest Hit

Photo by: Pascal Berger

It all happened at a rooftop party in 2019, where four gentlemen decided to start a project and call it Rooftop Heroes. Addicted to the stages of this world, Mike, Dani, Sam, and Simon finally fell in love making indie and pop music they first feared to compose.

Inspired by bands like OneRepublic, The Script, Imagine Dragons, or Coldplay, the Rooftop Heroes have quickly become one of the most exciting bands from Switzerland by racking up several million streams and building up a huge following all over the world.

In a dazzling expression that instills glimmers of motivation within your being, "Half The Sky" is the latest release to come from Rooftop Heroes. The triumphant essence that you immediately grasp when listening to the effortless rush leaves you navigating around the musical peaks and valleys with a curious mind. Open to the profound melodies that sweep into your speakers; this immersive pop ballad embodies traits of the electronic realm.

With plenty to say through verses that contain lyrical motifs robust in context, we reach a liberating moment where the climactic anthem of a chorus takes complete control over you. Encouraging listeners to stop and observe the changes that this fast-paced world brings, we should slow down to learn every word heard in "Half The Sky." Adding a well-suited amount of edge to a relatively buoyant masterpiece, we get to feast on the collaborative efforts that Rapture Boy sprinkles onto "Half The Sky" with his creative dynamism.

With each moment that progresses into a more defined feeling, we get the ultimate pleasure of hearing the passion in Rooftop Heroes' performance. As each instrument and melody blend forth a creamy, pop groove, we realize it's no wonder that they're garnering the attention that they are.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Rooftop Heroes. This collaboration between yourselves and Rapture Boy indeed has us engulfed in every sonic moment professed. So how did this collaboration come to be? What was it like working with one another to bring this vision to fruition?

A few years ago, Dani & Mike and their former band won one of the biggest newcomer contests in Switzerland. That's why they still chase the finals of this contest. Last year, an unknown but truly incredible rap talent - Shaquille Bernard, a.k.a. Rapture Boy - won the contest, and we couldn't resist contacting his management for collaboration. After that, everything has happened very fast: We've already had "Half The Sky" ready, so Shaq only had to record the rap part he's written on that track and subject. We are so happy to have him on the track!

In your own words, what does this record mean to you? What do you hope that your listeners can take away from this?

The song really is very important to us! It's a motivator for any stressful situation, and we think everybody has enough of these ones, as well as we have a lot of them. So the song pushes us back to a higher level and tells us that most of the time, we've already gone at least half of the way (or conquered at least half the sky). We really hope that people who listen to this song can take the motivation with them.

Compared to previously released songs, how does "Half The Sky" share similarities and differences?

"Half The Sky" is the third single off our upcoming album. Due to a bad virus, we've been forced to reschedule our plans for the album release. But we're currently working quite hard to finish it and to finally play concerts in 2022!

What's your mission statement as a band? How do you ensure that's reflected through your music?

We wanna tell thought-provoking stories to people, as well as stories they can empathize about. We think that it is our duty to explain the world, its positivity, but also its negative moments. So we really like to share our music and our stories with all of you.

What's next for you?

We're currently planning for 2022, our show for concerts, and at the same time working on our album. Due to daily jobs, it might take a little longer for us to plan and record, but that's ok.

Photo by: Pascal Berger


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