Soar Through "Unica's Clouds" With DeLaurentis' Latest Single

Hailing from Paris, France, singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist DeLaurentis releases her transcendent hit, "Unica's Cloud," off her recent 11-track album, 'UNICA.'

After releasing her debut and sophomore EP's, DeLaurentis was quickly recognized by publications like Trax, Rock & Folk, and Les Inrockuptibles. DeLaurentis later landed sync placements with commercials and the TV series "How to Get Away With Murder." When listening to DeLaurentis' songs, one should expect contemporary or vintage synthesizers mixed with the piano, loops, and arpeggios creating sound walls around her melodies.

Highlight the uplifting and soul-food single, "Unica's Cloud" off her recent album, 'UNICA,' listeners are transported into the dreamy celestials of DeLaurentis' broad and dynamic sound. While her hazy and haunting vocal stylings soak up the foreground with nothing but passion and bliss, DeLaurentis' sonic background glimmers and gleams like no tomorrow.

Jumping into the single, "Unica's Cloud," the song kicks off with a pulsating vocal sample alongside a punchy electronic/trap beat and a haunting array of background synths. Listening to DeLaurentis' mysterious and sensual vocal stylings, she jumps into the hook while her slight autotune brings us above this stratosphere and onto another plane full of life and love.

We can't get enough of DeLaurentis' dirty and dense production in this hit, as her ghostly vocals perfectly complement the song's overwhelmingly sensual and mysterious atmosphere. As DeLaurentis leads us to the song's end, she leaves us feeling as lifted as ever with help from her early Grimes-like performance and accompanying sonics.

Float above this plane and land amongst "Unica's Cloud" with help from DeLaurentis' latest hit, and find the rest of her album, 'UNICA,' on all digital streaming platforms.

What a thrill to have you with us at BuzzMusic Delaurentis and your equally thrilling and transcendent single, "Unica's Cloud." What inspired you to create such a dreamy and ethereal piece like this?

It's a song about my digital sister "Unica". She is the main character of my concept album. It is a modern and feminine version of the Pinocchio story. Throughout the album, Unica grows, emancipates herself, and like Gepetto, I dream that one day she will become a real autonomous artificial intelligence. In this single, she invites us to her “cloud”, to the heart of her most intimate thoughts. I wrote this song one summer night. I had spent the day on a beach in Brittany and inspiration came the night after. I started improvising and for hours I followed many ideas, directions, explorations until the song came out.

Could you take us through your creative process when creating your dense sonic arrangements for "Unica's Cloud?" How did you begin such an intricate process like this?

I started first with the G minor chords with an aerial and ethereal pad sound from Prophet REV2. Then I added an arpeggiator with an ARP 2600 synth ... and for hours I followed the inspiration by adding elements. Then I wanted to put some rhythm so I looked for hip hop sounds drum rack and I recorded a loop. I added Unica's voice bypassing my voice through an arpeggiator and vocoder. The night ended and I had a cohesive scenario! All that was missing was a text ... then a few days after I had the idea of playing with the word “cloud”, between cloud-music and Unica's Cloud. And it became the single of the album!

Did you bounce your ideas off of any co-producers when creating "Unica's Cloud?" Or did you tackle this song's creation entirely yourself?

On the 'UNICA' album, I had the chance to collaborate with the talented English producer “Dan Black” on several songs and it was a great experience to share our ideas, our different cultures, our sensibilities… And I wrote and produced the single Unica's Cloud alone, during a trip to Brittany.

Regarding your recent album, 'UNICA,' what inspired the entire album itself? Who is Unica, and what role does she play throughout the album?

'UNICA' is my first album, a concept album developed over 2 years of introspection with my machines. I created an intimate relationship, a mystical connection with digital worlds, transforming happy accidents into the inspiration that finally giving birth to my digital sister: 'Unica.' I believe in emotional and fusional links that exist between musicians and their instruments and it’s the same for the creators of electronic music and their machines. I perceive my machines as extensions of my vocal cords, and 'Unica' is the allegory. It’s a contemporary digital tale, a feminine parable of the Pinocchio story through the sorority.

Like Gepetto, I dream that one day Unica's digital spectrum will be embodied in a real robot and become a true autonomous artificial intelligence. A dream that becomes true with the track "Somewhere in Between" that I produced and recorded in collaboration with artificial intelligence developed by Spotify research lab CTRL. A great adventure supervised by SKYGGE, a true pioneer in the AI world. As the blue fairy says: Make your dreams come true!

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