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Social Gravy Show Their Calm, Cool and Collected Side of Adult Contemporary Music

Musicians Vee Bordukov and Brad Kohn have come together in order to blend their artistic visions, ultimately creating the music collaboration titled Social Gravy. As a music duo who both bring a ton of experience and wisdom to the table, Social Gravy is all about developing music that hits a certain level of uniqueness. This uniqueness stems from various components, such as the group's level of insight on life experiences, as well as their passion and soul, which ends up creating quality music with a purpose.

Based in LA, Social Gravy has already released a string of singles, as well as an LP, which has seen great success and appreciation.

The latest track release we've seen from Social Gravy is titled "Happening Now".

"Happening Now" unravels itself initially with a soothing and calm melody, which only maintains itself for the entirety of the duration of the track. The vibrancy that Social Gravy is known to unleash eventually arises once we get to the chorus of the track, but for the majority of the single, listeners can find themselves wandering in a tranquil atmosphere that Social Gravy imparts.

There's a strong passion that surges throughout the chorus, which seems to be the highlight of "Happening Now". Once we find ourselves well over half-way through the track, a guitar solo fills the air, which only further propels the single into a world of compulsion. It's safe to say that there are many sweet spots within "Happening Now", and the melodic harmonies are what will ultimately stay in our fond memory of the music duo.

Discover Social Gravy's latest track, "Happening Now", here



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