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Sofia Martynova Gets “Flexy” In New Single

Sofia Martynova, a multifaceted artist with a rich figure skating and music background, has captivated audiences since childhood. From her early studies in music at the age of five to her professional figure skating career, Martynova has always showcased a strong determination and passion for her pursuits. Inspired by her love for opera, her songwriting now focuses on crafting intricate melodies that reflect her diverse influences and talents.

Her latest single, "Flexy," demonstrates Martynova's artistic prowess, as she effortlessly blends her exceptional vocal and instrumental skills with her physical abilities in figure skating, dancing, and contortion choreography. Working closely with producer Mykhailo Busyn, Martynova has honed her music arrangement, mixing, and mastering craft, resulting in a truly distinctive sound. Her dedication to creating captivating visuals alongside her music has garnered significant praise from fans and tastemakers.

"Flexy" is an exuberant, jazz-infused dance anthem that features a lively blend of pounding drums, atmospheric synths, and grooving bass lines. The track showcases a moving baseline and bouncy trumpet, creating an irresistibly buoyant atmosphere that compels listeners to move their bodies and souls to the rhythm. Martynova's vocals, imbued with pop sensibilities, perfectly complement the song's infectious melodies.

Martynova's goal with "Flexy" is to evoke feelings of positivity, energy, and joy in her listeners. The song's upbeat tempo and vivacious instrumentation effectively transmit this message, as it is nearly impossible not to feel invigorated while listening to the track. Accompanied by striking visuals, "Flexy" is an auditory delight and a feast for the eyes.

Since her first release, "DIVA," in 2022, Sofia Martynova has consistently impressed audiences with her unique sound and undeniable talent. Amassing 71k streams on Spotify and over 12k views on YouTube, she has already established a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates her future endeavours.

As Martynova continues to evolve as an independent artist, the world can only wait to witness the heights she will reach in her remarkable career.


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