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Sofia Evangelina Unleashes Her Deepest Thoughts In "Get Outta My Head"

From Canada to Dubai, award-winning singer-songwriter and chart-topping r&b recording artist Sofia Evangelina brings us deep into her personal thoughts with a heavy new single, "Get Outta My Head."

Sofia Evangelina is on her way to becoming a formidable force in the music space. With each release, she continues to unveil one stunning and engaging track after another. Her vocal prowess and storytelling power and present in each song, introducing fresh sounds as she continues collaborating with talent from around the world.

2022 is jam-packed for Sofia Evangelina, with a lineup of intense singles along with epic visuals, leading up to her concept album in 2023. Her latest single, "Get Outta My Head," is the perfect introduction to this gifted artist whose relatable and conceptual storytelling knows no bounds.

The new track, "Get Outta My Head," drifts through the speakers with a melancholy piano melody that lingers into the vibe-heavy first verse. With haunting organ melodies in the background alongside crisp pop snare drums, Sofia Evangelina serenades us with her magnetic vocals while yearning to wake up after a long, turbulent journey with someone's love.

The catchy and melodic hook serves up a bounty of pent-up emotion; it's an incredibly cathartic listening experience that doesn't beat around the bushes. Sofia Evangelina's expressive lyrics and powerful vocals bring listeners directly into her personal and life-changing situations; she effortlessly invites us to experience the palpable emotions that she proudly wears on her sleeve.

Now, we're inviting you to experience groovy alternative pop with a hot serving of vulnerability in Sofia Evangelina's exhilarating new single, "Get Outta My Head," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sofia Evangelina. We appreciate every second of your new single, "Get Outta My Head." What inspired such a statement record? Thank you for such an eloquent way of appreciating my song. I'm often asked whether the song is inspired by someone special. Not really. It was during the first lockdown when I kept writing and writing, and at some point, I began to imagine what it’d be like to begin to fall unwillingly and uncontrollably in love. I wanted to create a universal tale simple in nature yet that depicted complex feelings relatable to everyone. I drew my inspiration from stories around me, plus added my personality, dreams, and projection. Haha, I managed to manifest the subject of my song into my real life later on, but this is a different story. And a different song.

"Get Outta My Head" has a lovely amount of great lyricism and concepts; explain a bit about the songwriting behind it.

Musically, it began with this weird, trinket kind of melody that I was playing around with on the piano. I never thought it would be used for a song cause it sounded so primitive to me, but my collaborator composer heard it. He was like, “that’s dope,” and then we added on this ‘James Bond’ kind of vibe and melody for the verses, and the marriage was surprisingly seamless. “Get Outta My Head” was born. Working on this song invited me into an exploration of the realm where the line between dream, reality, memory, and desire is blurred.

Explain a bit about your production side of things with "Get Outta My Head?"

As I mentioned, this song's conception and execution happened during the time of lockdown. After the melody was created and I wrote my lyrics, we produced the song in Vancouver. Producer Jeff Dawson and I spent lots of time on the arrangement and creating epic vocals. I am very peculiar about my vocals because I like to tell stories with my voice. Then the song traveled to Toronto and was successfully remixed by my Toronto friends and producers duo, brothers Jovan and Ivan Jovanov, who re-mixed and mastered the version you hear today. What's the message you want people to take away from "Get Outta My Head?"

Do you know why you can't get someone out of your head? Because they are in your heart! What's next for you?

Three more single releases are slated for the upcoming months in 2022. All these songs are from two years ago. Currently, I work on a concept album to be released in 2023. I love collaborations with artists from other countries. We created and produced some out-of-this-world tracks.


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