Sofie Zamchick Releases Brand New Music In EP “until we meet”

Sofie Zamchick is a New York City-based singer/songwriter, musician, and actress. Accompanying herself on VibeKAT, marimba, piano, and guitar, Sofie writes indie pop songs that are anxiously romantic, exploring intimate moments and fleeting memories. Her EP “until we meet” is an autobiographical collection of songs exploring intimacy through technology.


The beginning of the EP starts off with “electric palms”. The vocals come in and blow me away! Sofie is harmonically-rich and mesmerizing as she weaves through a light-hearted love story that will resonate with any listener. The raw and vulnerable new song is an incredible intro and we’re hooked. The ethereal vocals and authentic to the core songwriting has us singing along to every word. Next on the EP is “i’ll give you away”, this track introduces a melancholic love anthem feel and we just can’t get enough. The flowing tune is sure to get you singing along with the textured rhythms and catchy melodies. Sofie keeps delivering heart wrenching and relatable songs that are undeniably memorable.

“look at you” is a more vulnerable track that’s harmony laden and takes the listener on a journey. It gives us a retrospective look at the inner thoughts and feelings of Sofie. The instrumentals are blended perfectly with the addicting chorus. With undertones of retro pop, Sofie adds her own contemporary flare. As the EP transitions into “wake me up” the dynamic artist delivers a raw and honest pop track. The chemistry between the light-hearted lyricism and finely calibrated vocals is hypnotizing. We can’t help but jam along to this infectious hit. As the EP approaches conclusion, “southwest” begins with a driving change of pace. It slowly turns into a catchy, melodious tune during the chorus. Sofie’s vocals are spectacular and authentic to the core. Keeping up the consistent theme of love, wonder and adventure, “southwest” is a love anthem that brilliantly sets us up for conclusion (and possibly hitting the repeat button). The final song on the EP is “tech divide” and we can’t get enough. Slow to start, “tech divide” launches into an explosive and powerful song. Sofie brings her vulnerable outlooks and an indefinitely loud testimony to her authentic sound. 

The solo project, “until we meet” is a refreshingly contemporary flare to the indie-pop music industry. Sofie Zamchick’s high energy aesthetic and positivity flows through the speakers. She writes relatable tracks for all of her fans and listeners to enjoy. We love what she brings to the table and can’t wait to see what she delivers next. 

Check out “until we meet” here and read more with Sofie Zamchick in our interview below!

Hello Sofie! How did you get started in music? What inspired you to start recording your songs?

At the age of 3, I spied on my brother's piano lessons and became obsessed, learning how to read all the notes and working through his piano book. After a few months of open-ended discovery, I began studying classical piano with an amazing teacher Evelyn Golz. A few years later, I bought a pink guitar, learned 4 chords from a friend, and began writing songs on both piano and guitar. Next, I fell in love with marimba in the middle school band, which led to 3 years of Juilliard Pre-College in high school. Marimba, like the other instruments, became a vehicle for my songwriting. It's kinda crazy, but I've been working towards releasing this music since elementary school. I decided to go for it when discussing ideas for my EP with a bassist friend Lloyd Kikoler. We just clicked - he shared a similar vision for my music and had the knowledge/style to help me capture the sound I'd imagined. So I asked him to produce my EP and here we are!

If you could pick one major theme for your EP “until we meet”, what would it be?

"until we meet" is about the relationship between distance and intimacy. Throughout my life I've found a peculiar closeness in distant relationships, whether meeting people through technology as in "tech divide" or committing to someone far away as in "southwest." Or worst case, craving someone who is emotionally distant as in "i'll give you away." 

What was the writing process like for this project?

This EP was pulled together from a larger collection of songs I've written over the past 7 years, unified by the theme of intimacy through technology. But typically, my writing process begins with whatever I'm feeling at the moment, followed by the musical accompaniment, melody and lyrics, and then jot it all down and edit it from a more technical, rhyme-y standpoint. It's weird, but the content usually comes last. Sometimes I have to analyze my own lyrics after writing them to fully understand the depth of where I traveled when in the flow. Finally, it's like "Okay, I get it now."

We love your vocals! What age did you begin performing in front of others?

Thank you! I started performing at the local JCC in kindergarten. After several kids musicals, I signed up for a casting call, got a manager, and began acting professionally. So being on stage came naturally, and I regularly began performing my songs at every opportunity. I could never be satisfied keeping my songs to myself. They are only fully realized when I perform them.

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics in “i’ll give you away”? What inspired this song?

For two summers, I participated in a program called "Building Bridges" representing New York University's Experimental Theatre Wing. About 20 artists from the US, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland came together to collaborate on creative projects. During the project, I remember sitting with my guitar on my bed and two hours later "i'll give you away was born." I didn't realize until later how sad the lyrics were. It was a break-up song. And though we were still together, I just wanted us to be free of the pain we were causing one another. The verses were poetic and came easily. "It's a game of paper cuts" means you hurt me a bit, I hurt you a bit, and so on. "It's a game of paper planes" refers to the loneliness that comes with long-distance and the constant necessity to try to be in the same place again

Do you have any musical influences? How do you draw from them for inspiration?

So many! I obsess over songs more than artists. But Regina Spektor's "Begin to Hope" album changed everything for me. The first time I heard "Fidelity," I remember giddily dancing around my kitchen with my mom. Her style was like nothing I'd ever heard before - deep af but simultaneously super light and danceable. Another artist crush is Sufjan Stevens, who stays true to himself despite being wildly inventive and experimental. Oh, and Avril Lavigne - self-explanatory. It can be lonely traveling around the universe looking for inspiration. I love having great artists illuminating the way for me.

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