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Solara Releases A Glistening New Hit Single: “Petty”

Solara is a 23 years old pop singer/songwriter who was born in Uruguay, Latin America, but moved to Europe by herself in order to pursue her dream. Growing up in Uruguay, Solara didn’t have much access to music, but as soon as she gained the access she craved, she felt a new and revitalizing feeling--she felt completed, and ultimately connected with her soul like she never did before. The sound of Solara is a different kind of pop we didn't know we needed, but are now aware that we do! Solara adds in her heavy Latin roots to the sound of her music, and it creates the perfect sultry sounds. We're dancing to almost every single Solara comes out with, and we know her most recent release won't be any different!

Solara released her newest single titled “Petty”, along with a refreshingly and appealing video. Once we gave "Petty" a listen, we knew it was a pop hit! Solara has it all, and shows her most important elements throughout the song. A catchy beat and upbeat melody, Solara creates the perfect bubbly and feel-good environment for her listeners. Her voice completely captivates you with her Latin approach to the vocal articulation in the song. Our favorite element to "Petty" is the sassy sounding resonance that was delivered, yet delivered in a subtle and soft-like emotional conviction. This aspect definitely aided in the real sense of pop to “Petty” in such an efficient manner. You were able to feel the sentiments of the record on a stronger, and more elevated level. Her Spanish flare was perfectly digestible for all audiences of music, but even geared more towards the groovy pop lovers. Who doesn’t love a song that has you up and moving, while also possessing a strong lyrical substance to the meaning? This is exactly what Solara achieved to do, and the result was mesmerizing. Solara is most definitely a breath-taking star who will have you allured by her strong presence and prepossessing appeal!

Listen to the alluring single "Petty" here, and continue reading to get to know Solara a little better!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Solara! Knowing you grew up in Uruguay without much access to music, when were you first introduced to music?

My family loves music, my mom really enjoys singing too, but while I was growing up, she had to work all day and barely got to just relax and listen to music, so I was mostly discovering artists by watching MTV.

I remember they were playing some of Christina Aguilera's music videos from her album Back to Basics and I was obsessed with her. I loved her powerful voice, her lyrics, her style.

I was around 10 and I managed to save up enough to get a used copy of her album "Stripped". I remember sitting down on my bedroom floor, listening to it and just being mindblown by her talent and the raw emotion in her voice. I was a child and still didn't understand about love, heartbreak, loss, and all the things that she was singing about, but I could feel it. That's when I discovered the tremendous power of music as the universal language of the soul. It changed my life.

Tell us about your new song “Petty"! What inspired you to write “Petty”? Any challenges you’ve faced during song writing?

Petty is a fun, vibey, pop/R&B song about a sour breakup. It’s about finally ending a relationship that was not going anywhere, and having the other person tell you that you'll never reach your goals, that you'll never get anywhere. It's about the empowering freedom that comes with ending an unsatisfying relationship that was comfortable yet uninspiring. But it's also kind of a clap back to your "petty" ex who doesn't believe in you and is trying to get you down; and the determination to work hard and prove them wrong.

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career so far?

I'm still very new to all of it; I've always loved music but I've only been doing it more seriously and professionally since last year. I think writing and recording my first songs, creating the visuals and finally putting them out there this year, the whole process from idea to released product, has been incredibly empowering and exciting. I've made some great contacts and met amazing people who love and support what I do. That just makes me very grateful to be able to connect with others, and share my passion with the world.

When can we expect the next hit song from you Solara?

The next single is ready to go, I'm currently working on creating the visuals for it, but it'll definitely come out this summer, so stay tuned. I'll also be recording my first EP later this year, featuring some songs in Spanish, so I'm super excited about that project. I can't wait to share it all with you guys!


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