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Sole Oceanna Looks For Answers On Latest Release, "Was It Me?"

With the powerful instrumentals of punk, emotional lyrics, and a sweet voice, Sole Oceanna laments a failed romance in “Was It Me?”

It was clear since Sole Oceanna was a child that music was meant to be her northern star. Now she is 15 years old, and her talent blossoms like the most magnificent flower in the garden as she explores human emotions through songwriting. While listening to her relatable lyrics, I thought her music is as intense as the feelings it produced.

“Was it Me?” has an ambiance of constant thinking with gloomy guitar chords, like placing the question repeatedly. It expresses the uncertainty produced by a failed love and the disappointment of giving it to someone who eventually hurt you. When there is no going back in a broken relationship, you expect both persons to ask, “Was it Me?”

Hitting the play button on “Was It Me?”, you will hear an enchanting guitar accompanied by fast-paced hi-hats that welcome the melodic voice of Sole Oceanna. As she sings, the vocal effects give energy to her words and catch the listener's attention. The song's chorus takes the hype to its peak and explodes in charge of euphoria, so prepare your throat to sing along.

It is amazing how “Was It Me?” takes the basic vibes of punk and adds digital elements to make it a richer experience and maximize the transmission of emotions. Defensively Sole Oceanna takes out the pain and anger but also demonstrates you can overcome hard times.

If you have been there, in the pain of lost love, “Was It Me?” can be cathartic, and you should listen to it. Love can be chaotic, but in music, you find peace.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Sole Oceanna, and congratulations on your latest release, "Was It Me?" What was the experience that took you to write “Was It Me?”

The experience that inspired the song “Was it Me” was a breakup I’d recently had with my first love. I was asking myself the question, “ Was it me? What did I say? What did I do?” To come to the realization that it “wasn’t me….it was you (him)”.

What are your musical references when giving the music to the lyrics of “Was It Me?”

My musical references were Brittney Spears and Olivia Rodrigo for this pop-punk song.

How was the making process of “Was It Me?” for you?

The making process was super fun. A group of people in the studio collaborated to write the song. I’d never done pop-punk before. My manager then wanted me to make a song in that genre. The group of us started to talk about my feelings and breakup and the questions I was asking myself about it all, and we came up with the song pretty quickly. It just flowed. I went home that night and learned and rehearsed it over and over to get the feel of it. Then the next day, I went into the booth and recorded. I had to get mad, feeling my anger about the breakup, and got up into the mic, pretending it was my Ex’s face and used that energy to sing the song.

What message do you expect people to get from “Was It Me?"

The message I hope people get from “Was it me” is it's not always your fault. Don’t blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. Have confidence that the other person always has their part in the situation.

What's next for you?

My plan for the near future is that I’m planning to release another song in a few months. I’d love to get signed to a major record label and go on tour.


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