"Something to Hold (This Christmas)" by All the Locals Ends off Our 2019 the Right Way

All The Locals are back, but this time they're back with a familiar and cheerful holiday sound! The end of 2019 sees the release of "Something To Hold (This Christmas)" from the music group, and it introduces a fresh outlook of the bands' sound! "Something To Hold (This Christmas" begins with that soft and magical feel that is absolutely required in any Christmas song, especially a rock Christmas track! There's no need to fret at all though, as All The Locals still maintain their prominent rock sounding, and ensure a heavy incongruous soft atmosphere. 

"Something To Hold (This Christmas) is scratchy and raspy at the most appropriate times, loud during robust times and soft during the mellow time periods of the track. We get every aspect of a holiday favorite into one track from All The Locals. Remember when All The Locals won Best New Artist at Atlanta's Georgia Entertainment Awards? You'll understand why when you hear their artistic abilities integrated effortlessly within their Christmas release. We've always believed that a Christmas release can be risky by artists and bands--of course when they're executed well, Christmas songs sound cheerful and hopeful. Yet, the gamble is still there. All The Locals took the gamble, and quite frankly, the execution was impressive. "Something To Hold (This Christmas)" is the Christmas song we know rock fans will be wanting (and possibly, needing) during this holiday season. You can access the track on all platforms, and add it to your Spotify Christmas playlist while you still have time!

Discover "Something To Hold (This Christmas)" here.