Someya Releases the Electrifying Hit, “Always Here”

Someya released her latest single titled “Always Here” and this single completely intrigued us by the elemental aesthetics and the art of lush pop. Someya has a powerful voice that’s invigorating as its dynamic. She goes into major vocal belts at the perfect measurement of the song. Her voice is just highly mesmerizing. She knows how to reel you in with her captivating voice and explosive arrangement of her music. “Always Here” was a love bop that creates rich imagery and complex dimensions. The production of “Always Here” was even more extravagant and we couldn’t help but find ourselves attached to the multiple elements that are equipped in this single.

“Always Here” had this unique fusion of pop and alternative rock, catering to a vast audience of listeners. Someya has completely conquered the art of purposeful pop. Through her creative adoration for nuanced romances and luxurious laconic melodies, Someya is theatrically exploring this delicate balance between both catharsis and mystery. “Always Here” is a well-crafted masterpiece and a magical record that shows us the refined vulnerability that many artists can’t effortlessly deliver us. Through imaginative lyricism intertwined with authentic feelings, Someya has undoubtedly made a record-breaking hit.

You can listen to “Always Here” by Someya here.

How were your upbringing and background? What was it like growing up?

I moved around quite a bit while I was young. I was born in San Jose, California, and at the age of 5, my family and I moved to India for my dad’s business. I went to school there for 3 years before we moved back to San Jose. When I was 10, my dad’s company moved the family to Prague in the Czech Republic and I went to school there for a year. While we were there, we would go to various countries for the weekend or on vacation. That’s when I discovered my love for traveling and exploring different countries. The move to Prague really impacted me and changed me for the better. It made me see and appreciate different cultures and various ways of living, but also made me realize how similar everyone is at their core, no matter where you are. Since the age of 12, I have primarily lived in San Jose, but I continue to travel all the time.

What inspired you to write your single “Always Here”? the lyrics felt super authentic.

I was going through a dark time where I was confused about my feelings. I was kind of hurt by someone’s actions, and writing this song felt really natural. I try to be pretty self-aware, so I was just sorting through my emotions and putting words to how I felt, so I could help myself better deal with what I was going through.

How would you describe the arrangement in “Always Here”? 

For the arrangement of Always Here, I knew I wanted to include electric guitars. They’re my favorite instrument in some of my favorite rock music. The sound of an electric guitar can really range in emotion and at the same time can be quite intense. Always Here is an angry song, so I thought it would translate well into the music. Another fun thing we did was sample random horror movie clips into the song. I love horror movies, and you can barely hear the various sounds we added, but they’re there. We were trying to create the perfect haunting atmosphere. Also, for this song, a big inspiration for me was the music of Banks. What I really love about her music is her use of bass synths. They’re so gritty you can feel them, and I love the intensity they inspire. We gathered a lot of my favorite sounds and influences from different artists and inspirations and made it my own. The beat was inspired by Halsey. We used really random things to make it sound how it does. An example is the sound of glass shattering. The bridge was inspired by a mixture of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Always Here” and why?

I honestly can’t think of anything because it felt so natural to create. And it was lots of fun!

What’s next for you Someya?

I’m releasing the Always Here music video quite next month. After that, there will be a couple more singles with more videos, and then the entire EP will be dropping by mid next year. I’m also going to be playing a lot of shows early next year. I’m really excited about everything.