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Somori Pointer Displays a Mystical Approach with His New Atmospheric Single “California Moonlight”

Somori Pointer is not like your ordinary artist. Conceived in the narrow isles of used record stores, and born from a restless musical mind, Somori Pointer is possessed by a psychedelic soul, along with his own personal rock n’ roll devil riding upon his shoulder, luring the wolf within to howl with fury when the time to create calls. If that doesn’t excite you enough well then keep reading because we’re about to tell you just how Somori Pointer managed to turn us from a listener to a fan with just one single. We took a listen to Somori Pointer’s single titled “California Moonlight” and we were fascinated by the magical and mystic arrangement to the production. Somori Pointer elevates his listener into the song with an alluring delivery. This atmospheric song sends you into a dream-like state where you feel lost within the music. It’s a charismatic and prepossessing record that is sure to give you a grasp of how deep our imaginations are.

Somori Pointer paints this vivid scene for his listener to continue the storyline in whatever feels suitable for them. The lyrics have a sense of romanticism hidden underneath the poignant and poetic surface. “California Moonlight” is a record that will leave an irresistible feeling of sensationalism, and this is exactly why Somori Pointer is an exciting artist to become intuned with. We can't wait to hear what's next for Somori Pointer in 2020!

Listen to "California Moonlight" here.


What’s up Somori Pointer! Talk to us about how you discovered your unique artistry?

Being an open channel is a key factor in my creativity. I don’t force many things anymore, I use to try and choose which form of expression I would use my energy on. I truly believe as artists we carry a responsibility to express and interpret what the universe sends to our planet via radio waves. So, in short, I’m narrating the human experience in a way that’s only unique to us down here on Earth. But we’re all tied together with a common thread. With this song, in particular, I was fortunate enough to write and produce with Eric Lindsey, my ex-bandmate (The Skinny Guns). 

“California Moonlight” is a very interesting record that we felt absolutely in love with. What was the main theme behind this song?

I would say that the theme of that record is based on a meditation of sorts. Trying to get my audience to stop..just stop. Let yourself enjoy the simple perfection that is life. Perfection isn’t perfect, in my eyes, the moon symbolizes the triumphant moment of living through another day here. 

Were there any obstacles you may have encountered when creating this single? What section in this song did you feel best highlights the theme you were seeking?

As far as obstacles in writing C.A. Moonlight, there weren’t any. The lyrics came out in a couple of hours. I feel that every line in the song reflects the total theme of the song. 

From your own artist perspective, how would you detail your creative process with “California Moonlight” in a short quick summary?

I tend to approach every song that I write the same, I wait for the story to come to me. I narrate the images that project in my mind the best I can. Most times the images have a universal plot or storyline, I have learned not to overthink what’s being shown to me. That, I believe is the best way for me to deliver an honest message. 

As 2019 is coming to a close and we reflect on this past year. Is there any major lesson you’ve learned that you’re planning on carrying on with you into the upcoming year?




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