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Sonically Your Own Definition, Rockers Levy G Surge the Speakers in 'The Sunshine EP'

Good music that doesn’t have to make sense is the foundation that Rock band Levy G builds off of. Wanting their audience to be the judge of what their musical creations mean, there is no denying that Levy G has talent.

Taking a peek through their perspective, we zoom in on the kaleidoscope lens that has radiantly produced their latest project, 'The Sunshine EP.' Exploring a whirlwind of creative paths with the band, the six tracks on this EP guide you through a medley of uplifting, and rhythmic bops that have your fingers and toes tapping along to the beat's pulsation.

Each project needs the perfect balance of upbeat vibrations, and downtempo grooves, and let us tell you; 'The Sunshine EP,' does exactly that. Sometimes, all in the same song. Kicking off the project with, “Paradox,” Levy G contributes warm elements that question the difference between what’s right and what is wrong as they break out into a psychedelic trip that lures you into earnest components, accompanied by mind-blowing chord progressions. This tends to be the theme for Levy G. The music that they produce encourages you to feel all types of ways as the music shifts your perception as quickly as they change time signatures.

Fully breaking into Classic Rock tenors that form a syncopated rush of heavy-hitting composure, your mind truly begins to cover the sonic canvas that they encourage you to graffiti with your thoughts. For example, “Life is What You Have, and What You Have is Life,” and “Good Company,” escort us through the uplifting chords performed as the resonated bassline trucks along to match the dynamism that you exude when taking these feel-good tracks in. You can’t quite pinpoint what inspirations speak into their music, but Rock n Roll is the quintessence of their being.

If you’ve ever preyed upon the starry-eyed visions that have your mind fixating on what you’re capable of, “Change the World,” will speak to you in ways that you didn’t think were possible. Amplifying a surge of pep and interrogation, you begin to question your own motives towards changing the world as you bob and weave through the energetic resonance of “Change the World.”

Combining their Rock backbone with the welcoming of golden saxophone hues of a saxophone calling your name, “Ducks on a Road” allows the tempo to decelerate while the infectious grooves pick up. The smooth tones emanated from the works have you eating out of the palm of Levy G’s hand.

“Monkey with a Loaded Gun,” wants us to believe its intentions are different from what they seem to be from the moment the song starts to the moment it ends. Leaving you in a hazy front of uncertainty, Levy G seems to be great at allowing us to tap into our inner thoughts and rethink everything we thought was the norm.

We’ve found that the entire contents of 'The Sunshine EP,' is a loaded vessel that continues to give back to the listener. No matter what day, hour, or occasion you choose to dissect this beast, the outcome will always be in the hands of the beholder.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Levy G, we love the sounds portrayed in 'The Sunshine EP.' Could you please take us into what each member of Levy G contributed to the desired sound?

Park and Jackson wrote all of the lyrics and composed the music with Jordan holding down the beat on the drums. We all put in the jam hours, rehearsing and shaping the songs and leaving the rest up to studio magic.

We know that the meaning behind the project is dependent on the listener, but what about the makers? In your own words, what does this EP mean to you?

Through life and psychedelics, we discovered the sunshine sound, the sunshine sound can be found in all different styles of music. We did our best to embody the sunshine sound and explore all of its different aspects of color.

How does this body of work hold up to previous pieces that you have out?

It is a beautiful thing about music where if you give it the time and the effort that it deserves, you’re bound to get better from project to project. To answer the question, this EP showed us that every time we get in the studio we’d like to walk out with something better than the last.

Out of the six songs that listeners get to hear, do you have a specific one that resonates with you more than others?

Would you ask a mad cat woman if she loves any of her twelve cats more than the others, or do you just assume that she loves them all the same? It’s really a mystery, isn’t it?

With so many intricate components making up your songs, how do you know when a project is complete?

Unfortunately, any time we’ve recorded we go back and think of things we could have done differently, but fuck it. By the time all three of us can look at each other and give the nod, we know we’re finished.



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