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Sonnet Simmons Summons Pure Confidence in a Powerhouse Single, "Triumphant"

Crashing our speakers with her latest release, singer-songwriter and recording artist Sonnet Simmons encourages us to pump our first with her recent single, "Triumphant."

Although Sonnet Simmons has been busy recording and writing songs for sync placements in shows like Younger, Riverdale, and Kathy Keene, she's also had her fair share of landing sync opportunities in advertisements for Coca-Cola, GoDaddy, Nivea, and Microsoft. After a long ten years of not releasing music to the public, Simmons is back and better than ever with her latest hit.

Expanding on the single, "Triumphant," the song was co-written by Sonnet Simmons and Rehya Stevens (Disney+ Amazon, Netflix, etc.) and showcases a rallying cry for womankind. A truly empowering and heavy-hitting summer anthem, this song is bound to leave its mark on any listener.

Produced by Randy Gist, "Triumphant" boldly opens with Sonnet Simmons' sole vocal that sets the song's exciting and foot-stomping tone. As the instrumentals begin to expand with a broad and powerful cinematic appeal, we can't help but feel this massive sensation of anticipation grace our guts as we continue basking in Sonnet Simmons' dense vocal stylings and the exhilarating production.

As Sonnet Simmons continues chanting her lyrics surrounding her big come back and never letting anyone take her spotlight away, the sonics drop into this whole-sounding and stimulating drop with a melodic piano and airy drum breaks alongside a thrilling string section. As the song makes its way to the outro, Sonnet Simmons and the entire instrumental leave us feeling ready to conquer the world.

Don't miss out on the exciting and empowering experience of Sonnet Simmons' latest hit, "Triumphant," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sonnet Simmons. What inspired the empowering lyrical message within "Triumphant?" What did you want your audience to take for themselves from your lyricism?

Triumphant is about feeling the rush fear when facing hard things, and leaning in any way because you choose to bet on yourself and own your power. As a mom to two little girls, this is a powerful message I want them to learn. And it's a reminder to all of us, to own our power, to say what we mean, to do what we love, and believe in ourselves, even when it feels dark.

What was your collaborative songwriting process like with Rehya Stevens for "Triumphant?" Was this your first time working with her?

This is the first song that Rehya and I wrote together. She's amazing. We hit quite a few roadblocks along the way, making this song a true Triumph! Together we found ways to make Triumphant into the song you hear today. Rehya was instrumental in holding a flame for the vision of this song. We started this song when I was newly pregnant with my first baby, recorded the first round of vocals right before I gave birth, recorded the final vocals with my daughter in the studio at almost a year old, went through one producer when I was pregnant with my second and had our second producer take it to the finish line after my second daughter was born! That is how long this song took to finish. But it was so worth it. It has already been placed in some amazing commercials. It was a beautiful process and so grateful to Rehya for taking such a strong stance to get it done!

How did producer Randy Gist help bring your sonic visions to life for "Triumphant?" How did the two of you go about crafting such an exciting and stimulating sonic atmosphere?

Randy Gist is known for his dynamic work in trailer music. We thought, "Yes! Please bring this type of power, punch, and impact to this song." "Triumphant" demanded something bold, big, and authentic, and Randy brought just that!


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