Sooraj Hits Home With Hollywood Inspired Single and Music Video "The Actor"

Sooraj is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter that creates storytelling music that features his ever so soft soothing voice, memorable memory writing, and polished production that draws influences from The Beatles and John Mayer. His favorite home to be at is on stage singing his heart out bringing joy to all those around him. His debut music video for "Nemesis" reached over 60,000 views on youtube and his crowdsourced music video has over 150,000 views. Currently, Sooraj is studying vocal performance to fine-tune, even more, the magical sound he has.

His latest release "The Actor" is instantly something that makes you feel good and forget about your problems. It's fun, calm, soothing, groovy, and quite catchy - his influences of John Mayer and The Beatles shine brightly here and it does not disappoint. Sooraj's storytelling in "The Actor" is expertly crafted to be woven through every element of the music, from its tight drums, funky jazz-like guitar, deep bassline, and Sooraj's soothing voice. A major highlight in the video and song is when the main guitar solo kicks in and in the video show Sooraj standing up to management and becoming more than just another role to play and moving on to being someone he wants to be.

I walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame every day and all I

step on are pink stars on the boulevard. I thought to myself, is this the pinnacle of

fame – to have a star on the boulevard and have people walk over you? That was what

sparked the writing of this song.” - Sooraj

Listen to "The Actor" here.