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Soothe Your Soul With Cold Engines Mesmerizing Single, "Big Bright Nothing"

Form North Shore Boston, the 4-piece Retro-Wave, Power-Pop, and Rock band Cold Engines returns to give listeners a chill with their latest single, "Big Bright Nothing."

The likes of David Drouin, Aaron Zaroulis, Geoff Pilkington, and Eric Reingold are eager to release their upcoming album, 'The Last Resort', on January 1st, 2021. We've seen the talented, versatile, and passionate bunch come and go over the past year, and we're just as excited to hear what Cold Engines has created with their forthcoming new year project. Stating that 'The Last Resort' is the band's most anticipated album to date, they've also mentioned that the project is a vivid 15-piece body of work based on Paul Verhoeven's 1990 epic sci-fi masterpiece, 'Total Recall.' Listeners can hear a few singles off the upcoming album, like their latest release, "Big Bright Nothing." We've noticed that this track offers more of a down-tempo and emotional tone, which perfectly contrasts Cold Engines' previous singles. The band delivers pristine and melancholy instrumentals that pitch camp in our hearts while we're serenaded by David Drouin's emotional and soothing vocals. Cold Engines opens their single "Big Bright Nothing" with warm acoustic guitar melodies, subtle electric guitar strokes, and a soothing yet haunting background organ. As David Drouin begins singing his reflective message of feeling alone and isolated, he reaches the chorus where Cold Engines comes through with their entire instrumental and serves a heightened sense of emotion through their divine melodies. We genuinely love the switch we've seen from Cold Engines with the release of this tender single, as listeners can experience a different side of the band before the release of their forthcoming album. Ending the song on a highly peaceful and tranquil note, we adore the softer side of Cold Engines as they deliver introspective tunes like "Big Bright Nothing." Make sure to keep an eye out for Cold Engines and their forthcoming album, 'The Last Resort,' on new year's day, and experience the diverse stylings of the 4-piece for yourself.



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