Sophia Salcido Pulls on Your Heartstrings With Emotionally-Moving Single, "Everywhere"

Utah-native singer/songwriter Sophia Salcido always knew that music held a solid place in her heart.

Showcasing her talent at a young age, Sophia Salcido began her artistic career early on within life and has already attracted a large following. Already having five singles under her belt, Sophia Salcido has been named the Off The Row Breakout Artist in Nashville, Tennessee, where she plans on making more songs that include her perplexing, jaw-dropping, nuanced voice.

The latest heartfelt ballad released by Sophia Salcido was titled "Everywhere," and it displayed the true depths of her vocal abilities. The powerhouse features of Sophia Salcido are incredible. You can feel her soul, you can feel her passion and utmost, you can feel her authenticity. She has a seasoned tone that is nostalgic of some pretty big female powerhouses the music world has experienced in its time. With a clear dynamic quality to her voice, Sophia Salcido has all the power to generate emotionally affecting songs that can move masses.

"Everywhere" ventures into all of the emotion wrapped up in heartbreak. Sophia Salcido shares all of those heart-tugging, vulnerable, impactful, and hurtful emotions surrounding her broken heart, and not just the immediate emotions, but the ones that stick around for many months afterward. Focus on the lyrics and you'll be able to know exactly where Sophia Salcido's mind is at, as she doesn't hold anything back. All in all, Sophia Salcido reassures with "Everywhere" that she's a strong artistic force to be reckoned with.

We're anticipating more heart-tugging performances from Sophia Salcido in the time to come. For now, check out "Everywhere" on streaming platforms.

Welcome, Sophia Salcido. Thanks for joining us to talk about your single, "Everywhere." What was one major lesson you learned from writing this particular song?

This song really was my “moving on” song. It was the last song that I wrote from a broken heart. After finishing the song and hearing its release, I have finally let go of some hurt. So, I learned through this song, that healing takes time and is okay, and music has the power to heal.

Can you share more about the creative process for "Everywhere" and what brought about the inspiration for the song?

I wrote this from my feelings of loss after a break-up, and I was just expressing how hard it was to move on when everywhere I look, I see his face. I see the streets we used to walk down every day, the friends we used to share, everywhere I look it was so hard not to see him. As for my process, I wrote it at home on my keyboard after looking through some old pictures of us on my phone. Then I had a phrase in my mind that I couldn’t get out of my head. So, I went to my keyboard and started creating the melody that I felt at that moment. As I played, the words came. After I finished the song, I sent it to my co-writers at Off the Row, Erin McCaffrey, and Sarah Morey. They added their thoughts. We began collaborating on making it better. When we were all satisfied and in agreement, it was done

What were you hoping your audience would take away from "Everywhere" after listening to it for the first time?

I always hope my audience feels that they are not alone, and time will heal. When you get out of a relationship and you’re not over the relationship right away. It’s okay to let yourself cry and feel the pain. Eventually, the memories of that person will no longer hurt but, you will genuinely be able to look at them and wish them the best.

Your voice is incredibly thorough, nuanced, and seasoned. Was this something that came naturally to you or was it crafted over time?

I have always loved to sing since the time I was little. I came from a musical family and was always encouraged to sing. When I was twelve years old, I began to sing at my church. This prompted me to continue to want to grow as a vocalist. So, I continually work towards training my voice on my own through practice and study of vocal techniques that I find online.

What's next for you?

I have two more songs that will be released in the next couple of months. I, hopefully, will be working towards recording an EP this year. Also, I want to start pursuing opportunities for more live performances and just see where the music takes me.