Sophisticated Pop-funk Gets Your Body Moving in, "Mister Can't Feel Love"

Emerging singer and songwriter Clara Simkins resides in Los Angeles, CA, as she works to find her desired sound musically.

After moving from Kansas City to pursue modeling, she quickly found her real passion in music and acting. Thriving in musical theatre throughout her youth, revisiting music came to her naturally. Knowing this is the path that she would follow, she displays a focus on the genre of Pop.

Being musically influenced by artists such as Madison Beer, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Lorde, Clara Simkins embodies the traits of the Pop sensations to come before her. Delving into the buoyant fusion that is her most recent single, “Mister Can’t Feel Love,” Clara Simkins approaches this desirable piece of work in a sensual, charismatic fashion.

The brazenness that can be heard in her tonal merit lays upon the fluent progression that the vivacious Pop instrumentation carries through. Clara Simkins allows her listeners to become affixed with the transformational methods that she uses as the arrangement edges on while keeping you on the hook.

With the Pop-funk quintessence that gradually steeps into retro fusion, the concept of “Mister Can’t Feel Love” feels familiar at heart while remaining fully distinctive to the artist that she is. Transporting your mentality to a flashy dancefloor fueled by pulsating basslines, the infectious grooves that Clara Simkins releases encompass the late-night club vibes that you burrow into confidently.

With her self-assured swagger slipping into this hit track, we pick up all of the energy that Clara Simkins is laying upon us. If this is what we have in store with her original creations to come, we’re more than looking forward to the developing presence she continues to establish.

Congratulations on your most recent release of, “Mister Can’t Feel Love.” What moment inspired the concept of this song for you?

Thank you so much! Honestly, when I write, I take inspiration from so many things. I wrote Mister Can’t Feel Love with a specific person in mind, but it does take inspiration from many situations and people in my life. The specific moment that made this song come to life, I think happened at a party in LA-- I already had this song in the works, but I was having a convo with a friend about him losing all faith and belief that love exists. Being such an emotionally invested romantic, I knew I just had to write about how he was missing out on something amazing by pushing love away.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process that you endured when making, “Mister Can’t Feel Love?"

As I said, when I write I like to include inspiration from many people and things. I don’t like anyone's song to only be about one person or one thing. This song definitely clicked in my brain when talking about love, and questioning the existence of it. However, the creative process included a lot of other memories of mine. Bringing in past relationships and exes that have said similar things to me. I wanted to tell them all just what they're missing out on by stubbornly closing their heart so they don’t get hurt.

How does this single compare to other musical pieces that you currently have released?

I am so excited to present my new sound to the world. You can expect very different music coming from me, and something new to music in general. I love and appreciate so many genres of music, and my albums consist of bringing those various genres together. I am doing part 1 and part 2 because these stories just couldn’t fit on one album, I needed to share all of what I wanted to share and not cut songs I didn’t want to cut.

What's next for you?

The next thing for me is cranking out this music, and finishing the albums. I’ve been writing and writing for months now and have ended up with some amazing stuff. I’m such a perfectionist that recording is a long process for me. So my main focus right now is recording and finishing production. I’m hoping to get lots of music videos and fun stuff done for these records as well, but the main concentration right now is perfecting the music.