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Sorah Rises From The Ashes Of A Broken Home In “Heartbreak From Home”

The Vancouver-based songstress refuses to let her circumstances define her in her dynamic new single.

The affairs of the family are never simple. Although the family is something we associate with support and comfort many of us, that is not always the case. Some of us know that family can just as easily be a source of stress or pressure.

For Sorah, although her family remains important, her situation would be closer to the latter. Letting her circumstances define her would be easy, but she fought the odds. Where others would falter, Sorah channeled her tough circumstances and turned them into something positive, something powerful.

A trained vocalist and avid fan of classical music and hybrid orchestra, Sorah utilizes her diverse skillset and influences to craft music that is an exquisite blend of elegant, refined instrumentals and compelling storytelling. Driven partly by a keen desire to speak her truth and tell her story, Sorah refuses to shy away from difficult topics, often drawing on complex experiences to create both inherently personal and authentic music.

“Heartbreak from Home” is the latest creation of Sorah’s artistic muse. When Sorah sings lines like “Can you relate to a decade of fight or flight mode / Growin up in their war,” her distinctly graceful yet powerful vocals paint a vivid and haunting picture of the difficulty and angst one feels when your home no longer feels like your home. Combined with her signature elegant, refined instrumentals incorporating her classical and orchestra influences, “Heartbreak from Home” is a piece that is both equal parts, melancholy and a testament to Sorah’s strength.

Sorah’s “Heartbreak from Home” is a beautifully melancholic chronicling of the difficulties of growing up in a broken home. Tap in and listen to Sorah’s “Heartbreak from Home,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

We loved “Heartbreak from Home.” It was a really moving piece, and we think its message will resonate with many of your listeners! (It resonated for us). We have to ask; it’s not easy to talk about trauma, whether in simple conversation or music. What made you decide to tell your story in such an authentic way?

Thank you - it was definitely not easy! I’ve always appreciated songs with raw and vulnerable lyrics because they helped me process heavy and difficult emotions. I was inspired to write Heartbreak From Home from my own experiences and those of others around me. I saw many people who suffered alone because it’s taboo to be open about broken family dynamics (especially in Asian culture), so I was more compelled to honestly share my experiences of growing up in a dysfunctional family.

You mentioned that you’re based in Vancouver, Bc (We love Vancouver!). What’s your favorite thing about the city, and how did being in Vancouver influence your growth as an artist?

My favorite thing about Vancouver is that the city is surrounded by so much nature! As a musician, it’s really easy to get caught up in the hustle culture and comparison trap, and having nature around you will always help you rest, recharge, and put life in a better perspective.

What is your vision for yourself and your music? Is there anything you want your fans to take away from your music?

My vision for myself and my music would change over time, but currently, I try to remain true to myself and my experiences in life. I’m most drawn to creatives who show how they deal with their imperfections rather than trying to be perfect, so I also aspire to be that person. I would love my listeners to feel understood, liberated, empowered, and excited through my music!

Do you have any favorite moments that have stood out in your musical career?

My favorite moments are when I met collaborators with whom I artistically and mentally connected well. It can be hard to find great long-term collaborators in the creative industry, and it’s a super exciting moment when you find someone who shares similar visions with you and wants to be a part of your creative journey as a creative.

What’s next for Sorah? Do you have any goals you want to accomplish in the new year?

Have more new music with different genres, shoot more MV’s, and maybe land some sync placements!

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