Soraia Release Explosive New Rock Hit “Evergreen”

Soraia epitomizes raw power, unrelenting energy, chaos, and freedom. Their live show is admirably and intensely interactive. The band's chemistry has been forged over several years of relentless touring in the dingiest dive bar to the most massive amphitheater, attracting a worldwide fanbase. Recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine's Year in Rock 2017 as one of the top ten acts to see live, the band now has eight singles and four studio albums in heavy rotation on SiriusXM and a new one on the way in 2020 - as well as international commercial radio success.

“Evergreen” erupts into a heavy, classic rock sort of ambiance, but it's never outside of the arena of creativity and feeling. This particular song has passion, it’s been crafted with thought and real emotion. This is something you can tell from paying close attention to the lyrics, each and every line, and also the entire way in which the song unfolds and evolves. There’s a notable amount of space within the instrumentation, something not all that common in rock music. The effect of this is that you can really notice and appreciate each element that makes up “Evergreen”. The leading vocal, the passion, the poetry, the imagery, the riffs, the drum line, the structure, we can hear it all. “Evergreen” is comprised of numerous different sections, not necessarily conforming to the standard, expected, radio-worthy building blocks of mainstream music, and not needing to. Each part leads well into its follower, and all in all the arrangement makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful few minutes of music. Soraia provides lyrics that are undeniably fresh and it’s a pleasure to listen to these lines and thoughts expressed among a powerful soundscape. Definitely worth a listen!

Check out “Evergreen” here and read more with Soraia below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Soraia! Congrats on the new release! What’s the story behind your latest release, “Evergreen”?

The Narrator of the story starts out by saying,”they say I got the devil in me, just believe what you wanna believe”. That’s the story being set up to tell the truth, whether guilty or innocent, she’s going to tell it like it is.

It’s about seeing “Evergreen” - the main character - as this eternally playing naive guy who uses that to get his way and get attention. But he’s doing it to avoid the real crisis in him. But on a deeper level, the song was written mainly about the idea that we all use these cheap disguised to get us out of facing truths that - maybe, in all honesty—we aren’t able or ready to face. It’s a call to action:”What’s it gonna be?” Ultimately, it’s up to the listener what they’re gonna do with their life.

What are the main values you want to represent as a band, and how will you go about doing that?

We very much are a "pick yourself back up and live" band. Each of us has survived a knock-down experience, and it's not the experience that brought us together as we are today, but the getting back up. We want to offer truth, hope, and inspiration. We each had to "start over" in our lives, and that is the message inherent in all our songs, our . spirits, and our performances. It's especially emphasized in our new album releasing this coming spring, "Dig Your Roots". It's all about changing and not only surviving, but being grateful for all experiences--no matter what they are.

How we plan to do that is through our music, our performances, and our interviews like this!

What can audiences expect from a live show from Soraia?

Raw, intense, impassioned performances have always been our trademark. I always feel that no matter what's going on, or how we're feeling, we have to go out like this is the last performance we're ever going to do. If it is, what do we want people to remember about us from that show? Rock n' roll isn't serious, but that part . we take especially seriously.

What are your thoughts on the future of rock music?

I think it's as bright as the strongest star in the Pleiades constellation, honestly. It's going to empower and guide a lot of people. Rock is important in that it;'s an unleashing and a rebellion of what's status quo. To me that's more about honesty and embracing your power. I scream and belt in my singing because it's an unleashing intensity of all that energy inside---I can't be that unique in having that. We all have it, and fans of rock in all genres need that. It's a very real thing--and it's never gone away. It may not have been as prevalent in some times, but it's re-emerging because of all that's going on in the world now, I think. And it's more important than ever.

What’s next for Soraia?

More new music, more writing, touring new areas and hitting the same ones we've hit before, too. Getting into more airwaves, and thus exposing more people to us. Just growth in every area. It's important to keep growing and evolving in every area as an artist, so that's the plan. We have another new single releasing this January, and then a new album in March 2020.

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