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SoulelementzSoundz Releases “YehMon”

Soulelementzsoundz was founded in 1997 by LBM & Rizzz. SES blends together French, Haitian, and Hip Hop musical traditions for a sonic blend of soul. SES single “YehMon” was highly intriguing to us. It began with a chant that felt highly cultural to their background. Yehmon transports you into a different environment and you’re hypnotized by it. The mystic tune is eerily attractive to us. With hums, chants, classic Haitian drums, and a nice, clean-slated rap delivery, Yehmon is a song that stands out in a crowd.

Yehmon has significant amounts of different elements in the song that creates an individual appeal to the tune. Different elements are approached in “YehMon” and the arrangement is intricate and unique. I’ve never heard a song like this before and it’s why I became captivated by everything it had to offer. It takes you by surprise but you’re oddly enchanted by everything. Yehmon has coordinated symphonies and an eccentric musical disposition. The vocalist in Yehmon has his own stylistic way of projecting the quirky lyrics. Music is all about creation and the freedom of art, YehMon is a true product of that idea, and we’re sure it would enchant you the way it absorbed us!

Listen to "YehMon" here and get to know more about SoulelementzSoundz below!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far? How did you overcome them?

Musically the biggest challenge was educating myself to the game. I recall having beats dancing in my ears and not having a way to get them out. I was a SEGA, NINTENDO geek. If a video game had a sound test (able to play the gaming music without playing the game) I would flow to it while gaming. Eventually the tech start changing where it was not so expensive too cop music gear. The next challenge was learning everything, similar to my position musically now. I believe we (SES) have the base elements to be successful, however the game is a beast. I have always had a do for self mentality, however finding quality trust worthy people and building with them is a challenge. I overcome all my challenges by looking for solutions that work for me, for us, my family, and loved ones. In time things seem to blend and its not even a challenge anymore.

Tell us about “YehMon” and the meaning behind this song?

I am originally from Port au Prince, Haiti. I was vacationing in Jamaica one year and YehMon was like the period/exclamation point to the end of a phrase or conversation I had with people. I noticed that back in the states every zone I frequent says some form of yehMon. Philly "thatswhatsup" is a popular phrase. My favorite yahmeen (you know what I mean) is another. Im in NC right now and a plain "Yeh" can set it off. When the beat came for the idea it flowed so nice I couldn't believe it. I started writing the song while in Negril, Jamaica one year and 8 yrs later the perfect beat to fit came.

For our readers who may not know, what’s the meaning behind the title “YehMon” ?

I say that word so much and noticed how other cats say it with their own twist. So if some 1 asks you if the food is good, your reply YehMon. If you with your good peoples and they encourage you to do something positive the natural response is yehMon. It can be negative to but my whole contention was to get the song out of my head in a way ppl could vibe to it.

What’s next for you?

My next plan musically is to continue to record quality music. Soulelementzsoundz is about 20 plus years old. My manz LBM is the co-founder with myself. We originally started in his basement looping up beatz and free flowing to them. When it came time to do our on tracks, we naturally gravitated to the tech and gear at the time to help facilitate the process. Our original intent was a stress outlet to battle the stressors of Philly. Beatz for us was like motrin for pain or a sedative to help heal what needed to be healed. So in essence music is therapy for us and the plan will always be to self medicate on good vibez. Release vibez to the public and let it flow.


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