Soulful Pop Vocalist BELLS Lets Her Listeners Inside Her Personal Thoughts In “Real Friend”

Self-made and multi-talented, BELLS is a singer/songwriter and music producer who writes and mixeses all of her tracks. BELLS is never pigeoned-holed to one genre, but rather writes and creates from the heart. The soulful songstress uses writing as her outlet for things she can’t always say and hopes to create relatable content for all of her listeners.

Real Friend” gives the listener an introspective look at BELLS’ stirring thoughts and emotions and the regrets and ups and downs that occur after the loss of love. Emotive lyrics lay out a poetic story for the listening as BELLS weaves her way through a raw and powerful performance. “Real Friend” boasts BELLS’ ability to blend Soul and Pop to create a genre-bending new wave sound. The instrumentals fused flawlessly to create a catchy and eclectic arrangement. Her vocals possess an alluring melancholy similar to Taylor Swift or Lana Del Rey’s style of singing. BELLS expertly delivers enlivening poetry that any listener can relate to. Her ability to connect with her fans in unmatched in today’s industry. Heartrending and authentic to the core “Real Friend” stays true to its name. I highly recommend you check out this track and stay on the lookout for the explosive, up and coming BELLS.

Listen to “Real Friend” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with BELLS.