Soulfully Infused Melodies Get Real with Zinny's, "Freaky at Night"

Rising out of the music scene in Africa, Nigerian-born artist Zinny is an award-winning singer-songwriter taking her talents to the global stage. Her sound is softly soothing and sensual; crafting soul-perfect anthems with an Afro-beat infused backbone.

She often speaks on subjects difficult to express while bringing socially conscious lyricism to her powerfully emotive tracks. From sad love songs to revolutionary ones, her style encompasses a wide range of relatable emotions as she uses the timeless sounds of soulful R&B to the infectious rhythms of afro style.

Delving into the artistic techniques that Zinny radiates through striking harmonies and enticing instrumental arrangements, we find ourselves fixated on “Freaky at Night.” Being the introductory track on her three-song EP ‘Shameless,’ we hear a sultry ambiance that lingers in the sensual juxtaposition Zinny offers up.

Inspired by real-life experiences, and creating vivid narratives in the soundscape she casts upon her listeners is something that comes naturally for Zinny, enlisting the talents of a male vocalist in “Freaky at Night,” not only does her perspective get launched into the ears of listeners, but we have a second viewpoint that we eloquently indulge in.

As emotions surface, we’re left with buttery cadences that gracefully weave us through the intimacy exposed on this record. Zinny sheds unique timbres that have her claiming a lane of her own through the creativity that pours onto the sonic canvas of “Freaky at Night.” Cognizant with her thoughts, the spellbinding realm that Zinny brings to life has hues of mystery sewn throughout it.

Leaving you more intrigued from when you began listening, the vulnerability exposed comes off as profoundly honest and grippingly raw. “Freaky at Night,” undoubtedly sets the tone for the sounds explored on the ‘Shameless,’ EP.

Hello Zinny, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your EP ‘Shameless.’ We have been vibing out to “Freaky at Night,” and have to say we love it! What moment or story inspired the creation of this particular song?

"Freaky at night" is imaginative. I made up this girl in my head; she is sexy, a boss, and just likes to have fun. After a long day of grinding, she just wants to kick it, roll up a blunt and spend some time with her man. The lyrics are about expressing her wild and naughty side.

Could you please tell us about the male vocalist that you recruit for “Freaky at Night?" How did this collaboration come to be?

Colbykoshi mixed "Freaky and wild" and the first thing he said to me is - "This is wild and you have a unique style, can I do something and send it over?" and that was how we collaborated. I have quite some collaborations this year with male artists from Africa and Europe. I enjoy making unexpected music as much as I do planned ones.

What does the overall concept of ‘Shameless’ reflect on? In your own words, what does this EP mean to you as an artist?

The overall concept of shameless is all about playing by my own rules. There comes a time in Gil's life that you tire of caring about what people think and say about you. You simply go on and live your life to the fullest. It is really a misuse of the gift of life to worry and obsess about whether strangers love you. Keep a small circle and keep it moving. This Ep is a message to myself and all the beautiful women out there. Stay true.

How does this body of work compare to other songs previously released in your music catalog? Would you say this is the direction your music is headed?

I would say it differs from my previously released songs because I am constantly experimenting and my sound is evolving. I understand what works for me in terms of lyrics, style, and emotions. I feel I can tell more stories with my music now. The possibilities are endless.