Southesizer Delivers Hard-Hitting Electronic Hit “What Now!!”

Guney Tamer, better known by his stage name Southesizer, is an independent musician, DJ, sound engineer, and electronic music producer. Originally from Turkey, Guney now resides in Los Angeles. He got his start into the music industry by becoming a talented violist at the age of twelve and performing with symphony orchestras throughout Europe. Southesizer eventually decided to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston for Electronic Production and Design and begin pursuing his passion for producing unique electronic tracks.

Southesizer’s newest release “What Now!!” is proof of his experimentation within multiple genres of electronic music. His revolutionary sound is the result of risk taking and expert forward-looking vision. “What Now!!” features Guney’s own viola recordings made to sound like synthesizers and take over the primary melodic role throughout the track. As an artist, Southesizer focuses on translating concepts and emotions into sonic sounds. “What Now!!” starts off with an alluring intro which quickly leads to an incredibly heavy and deliberate drop. Hard-hitting synths and drum and bass are delivered effortlessly. “What Now!!” gradually transforms into ground-breaking layers of soundscapes that you’ll be instantly addicted to. The sounds are consistently changing while staying true to the overall melody and polished tempo. The darkness and mystery throughout “What Now!!” gives it just enough edge to set it apart in today’s music industry. Southesizer is a force to be reckoned with, and we can't wait to see what he drops next!

Check out “What Now!!” here and keep scrolling for an exclusive interview with Southesizer.