Southpaw Takes on Fresh Neon-Tinged Aesthetic on Latest Music Video for "Moral Compass"

Southpaw is the budding Artist coming out of Fort Lauderdale, who is weaving the touchstones of Rock, Hip-Hop, and Pop into a captivating medley of his own design. We saw his Debut Extended Play in 2018, with "Tallahassee," an Indie-rock adventure that introduced the world to this young artist to the world with introspective lyrics that delivered the most heartfelt sentiments over scintillating instrumentational supports.

With 2020 swinging around, his sophomore record's release saw the Floridian in a whole new enamoring light, amalgamating the best of Hip-hop verbiage with his unique Indie style. His latest addition to this organically blended catalog, "Moral Compass," reaches us with a psychedelia-reminiscent Video feature, and it's drawing some well-deserving attention.

Southpaw is an artist who isn't afraid of expressing himself by whatever means articulates most amidst his creative intuitions. On, "Moral Compass," he takes the Indie-Rock spirits of his past work and renders up something that provokes a nostalgia-induced head-bang when the drumset's first downbeat drops.

In the accompanying video, our songster passionately delivers his introspective narrative behind his life-experiences with a psychedelic tinge effect that mystifies as he riffles over his words with a veteran Emcee flow. As the scenery changes from in his bedroom, to the middle of the night and out on the street, it's clear that this Artist has a distinctive way of presenting melancholic vibes with an after-glowing effect that imparts the opposite sentiment. He sings for the hooking top-line with a call-back mantra that sticks like adhesive, "it's getting harder these days, it's getting harder these days!" It's a vivid rendering of the introspection and doubt he feels inside and does a masterful job of uplifting our spirits despite, through his Indie-rock pumping choruses.

As we watch captivated over the attractive neon-spiked video feature, we can't help but hover over the repeat button for one more go.

Hello, Southpaw, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you run us through the emotions and the narrative you were trying to express through this music video feature? What inspired the neon-vibe?

The song symbolizes an internal struggle. It's about taking the safe path or the path you actually want to take. I envisioned a "talking to myself through a mirror" scene and the filmmaker, Wilson Archibald, took it from there.

How does it feel to incorporate more of your Hip-hop influences on the most recent music you've been released this past year?

This track is not my most recent track. "Liquid Sunshine" is (shameless plug). I like incorporating hip hop when I have a lot to say. Rapping allows you to say everything you want to while not dragging out a song too long.

What's been your method for inspiring the creative juices necessary to get through a Musical writing block, and has that method changed as time has passed?

Getting outside of my comfort zone and doing new things always helps. Traveling in particular has always been the best thing for me. However, the pandemic has definitely limited this. So I've been waking up super early and working out. Just changing up the routine can help.

Can you tell us about one crucial milestone you're still aiming for in your career, and what steps are you taking every day to get closer to that goal?

I want to reach the point where my music becomes my main source of income. I'm currently trying to build a following online, and I'm recording new material. Once the COVID dies down I will be playing shows again.

What advice would you give to fellow artists and musicians that are finding it hard right now to create new material?

I kind of already answered this. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If COVID has restricted that ability (since we can't meet new people or travel extensively) find a new way to keep learning. It could be music related, could be something totally random. Any learning can get the right side of your brain moving again.