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Southstylez Provokes Emotion With Genuine Story In, “Pain in My Heart”

The lakefront city of Toronto, Canada, has been shifting into an entertainment center that can keep up with the rest. Having birthed countless musical legends such as Drake and The Weeknd, local artists are determined for the chance to make it big.

Southstylez is an up and coming rapper who is best known for his old school Hip-Hop style. With his most recent single “Pain in My Heart,” Southstylez collaborated with vivacious vocalist Kedz in order to compose his blissful throwback atmosphere.

Growing up, the independent rapper spent his time conjuring up his own beats and freestyles – and this intrinsic talent is as evident as ever in his new single. The effortlessness between each verse is enough to lull the listener into a daydream for a few enchanting minutes.

Kedz’ silky voice is yet another reason fans will not be able to stop listening to Southstylez’ Hip-Hop masterpiece. The part that truly stands out with “Pain in My Heart” is Southstylez’ thoughtful lyricism. The song is written about his late brother who passed this September and acts as a gracious tribute to his memory while Southstylez also takes time to share his perspective on the subject.

Through his songwriting, he tells a story that takes the listeners on a journey through the emotional ups and downs he has experienced while coping with his great loss, something a lot of us are able to relate to.

Your thoughtful lyrics have the ability to touch the hearts of every listener and encourage introspection. Could you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics for “Pain in My Heart?”

Because it’s real, what happened to my brother is real and palpable. Everything I talk about in this song is really what happened to him. There is no magic in this message, only the true and when it’s real you can feel it through your veins. My message behind this song is to express how they can take someone you love out of this world only because of hate and jealousy.

“Pain in My Heart” is a tribute to your late brother who was taken from you earlier this year. Can you tell us about how he inspired this song and your motivation as an artist?

Because for me this is the only way I could express my pain towards him. Everyone has their way to heal and that’s the one that connects the best with me. I am not really the type of guy to scream on top of the roof about my painful situation, but through my music, I can be free and comfortable with my emotions way better than in real life.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Kedz, and why you decided to make “Pain in My Heart” a collaboration?

Because she is my sister and I feel that there is nobody else that could really be related to my pain at that moment. And on top of that even though she is not pursuing a singing career Keds has a dope voice.

How does “Pain in My Heart” compare to the rest of your songs? Has your music style changed over time?

To be honest yes, a little because you can hear me sing a little bit here and there in the song. But my music is evolving all the time while I am evolving as an artist. I am still new to the game and I am not scared to explore every aspect of it.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have another EP that is supposed to come out in February mostly for the ladies called “COMFY SEASON” around Valentine's day. I am bringing a total different vibe then my previous one “MUSIC IN MY MIND.” Stay tuned.


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