soyboi Passionately Expresses His Woes Through His Latest Music Video for "3pm"

From Nashville TN, alt-pop artist soyboi releases a heart-wrenching music video for his recent single "3pm". Always expressing his thoughts and what he believes in, soyboi remains anonymous to fully express himself without exposing others. Raising awareness for positive mental health, especially but not exclusively towards men, soyboi is a true advocate for overall mental wellness. With the release of his music video for "3pm", soyboi touches on the heavy emotions that depression can set on, especially through trauma and unfortunate experiences. With many scenes of soyboi wearing an eyemask and managing to express every ounce of his emotion adequately, we're genuinely left speechless with the entire experience from instrumentals, soyboi's melodic vocals, and the music video's dream-like state.

From the very beginning of soyboi's music video "3pm", we're immediately left in a daze through bright and blurry scenes, escalating violins, and a filtered voice calling us to wake up. Once the hi-fi alt-pop beat drops, the video takes us through a variety of scenes where soyboi is masked and contemplating many thoughts that trigger deep emotion. The lighting and angles are so well crafted, perfectly exuding a reflective atmosphere and allowing us to think over how we are treating ourselves. Overall, soyboi's anthemic vocals hit home with his conceptual lyricism, and through the music video's platform, he's able to put those thoughts to real life and show others that pain is what makes us human.

Watch "3pm" here.

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