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Sp8ce Owl Takes Us Back To Our Roots In “Voices In My Head”

Blending music of the past, present, and future is songwriter and producer Sp8ce Owl, paying homage to our roots on this planet with his latest single and music video entitled "Voices In My Head."

Songs like "Digital Breathing," "Miami 1987 (Earth 246)", and "70s Somewhere" introduced listeners to the lush soundscapes and sonic reality-escapes Sp8ce Owl is known for. His reimagined version of our dimension is expressed through thoughtful electronic melodies, synths, and drums, showcasing his ability to make listeners feel an out-of-body experience.

This time around, Sp8ce Owl wants you to stay on this planet and appreciate all that came before us with his new single and music video, "Voices In My Head." The song lets listeners reconnect with humanity's roots, specifically the diverse ethnic and indigenous groups worldwide. The song's mix of tribal instrumentals, futuristic electronic arrangements, and lush melodies is truly a treat for the ears.

The music video for "Voices In My Head" brings this appreciation to life through culturally diverse visuals. The various scenes of groups performing ritualistic dances and ceremonies around a fire while Sp8ce Owl's sonics play in the background connects seamlessly, bringing viewers deeper into the reflective concept of reconnecting with our roots and those who came before us.

The song's mesmerizing hymns and tribal beats, paired with the lush and expansive electronic arrangements, perfectly showcase Sp8ce Owl's affinity for music from the past, present, and future. The music video's diverse range of people from around the world gives viewers an excellent look at the beauty of humanity and how music can connect us all.

Hush the outside world for a moment and look at the bigger picture with help from Sp8ce Owl's new single and music video for "Voices In My Head." Find the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sp8ce Owl. What inspired you to create a more down-to-earth, reflective, and culturally-appreciative song like "Voices In My Head?"

The inspiration for the song was to foster unity and appreciation for the many beautiful cultures of this world and the love I feel for dance, showing the importance it brings to the people and communities that utilize it. I also wanted to recognize that a lot of the modern world has lost or neglected the power community and ceremonial dance can bring to those societies in the hope of reconnection to those things. With all the technological advancements we made, most of them give us a less effective form of connection, which sometimes saddens me.

What was your goal for the "Voices In My Head" music video? What did you want your viewers to experience when watching the many culturally diverse and sacred scenes?

My goal for the video was to show the importance I feel dance can play in societies. I feel dance, more specifically community dance, has the power to bring the people engaging in it together and heal and bond those involved. More than any other dance, Ceremonial dance has an innate power to help those involved reach a higher plane of consciousness and elevate our connection to the soul. What I want viewers to experience is an appreciation for the beauty of the many people of this world, seeing the connection between us all. Lastly, the second half of the video is meant to show all of these people as beings of light, trying to express my feeling that if we were to look past our physical bodies, all people’s souls are beautiful. If we look deeply enough, we will see the oneness that connects us all. When you see this connection, the insignificant differences all fall away, and it is a beauty that will change your life, opening your eyes to truly see one another.

Did you create the "Voices In My Head" music video yourself? Or did you collaborate with anyone to help bring your vision to life?

I am blessed to work with the extremely talented Michael Perimutter who allows me to share my ideas and overall vision for my songs and helps bring them to life. In the end, I feel they have pieces of both of us embedded in the final creation.

How is "Voices In My Head" different from the rest of your discography? What makes this song stand out?

I think “Voices In My Head” differs from the rest of my work for several reasons. First, I was much more experimental, venturing into sonic territory that I had not used before, trying to create a sound more influenced by different cultures and sounds. Second, the message I was trying to convey is very significant, making it extremely personal. I think this song stands out because I am asking listeners to venture out a bit from a more traditional soundscape in the hopes that we can become more comfortable with things we might not be familiar with, seeing beauty in the differences in the world.

What's next for you?

I plan to release more EPS starting at the beginning of next year and will have at least one video to go with each EP.


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