Spacegvng Saturn Drops New Single “Changed” In Preparation For Debut EP

Residing in St. Louis, Missouri, up and coming rapper and lyricist Spacegvng Saturn is making a name for himself through his prolific rhymes. He puts his thoughts and feelings on paper and creates emotive lyricism that everyone can relate to. Making music for four years, Spacegvng Saturn is set to release his debut EP “Still Searching” July 26,2019!  

“Changed” is the latest track from Spacegvng Saturn and features FmG YStreetz. The dope hip-hop track has a heavy lyrical presence as Spacegvng Saturn weaves through his raw lyricism and flow. The trap beat is fused with piano and acoustic instrumentals that add a smooth originality to the track. “Changed” is all about people’s loyalty and focuses on the ups and downs of real life. Spacegvng Saturn spits truth about his experiences and gives the listener an inside look at his life. Spacegvng Saturn has the admirable quality of making music that his listeners can vibe and relate to. I recommend you check out this sick track and the rest of his impressive repertoire. 

Check out “Changed” here and read more with Spacegvng Saturn below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Spacegvng Saturn! How did you create your stage name?

I actually got my name when I was fifteen , I think future pluto album just came out,

and I was a huge fan of his work and he inspired me on my overall look sound etc.

Who didn’t want to be future.

Can you tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics in “Changed”?

I recently just had a fall out with a close friend of mines and it was just necessary

To address how I feel about how people change up on you , it honestly was just a song I wrote once I heard the beat and wanted my fans and friends to hear some work of mines before the Ep.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw from them for inspiration?

Future first off, the pain he put into his music , his vibe, his style ,his overall impact on the game inspired me he a modern day rock star. Yfn lucci , lil durk and johnny cinco, also I would say helped find myself my voice . They music made me wanna make music. Especailly johnny cinco.

What can your listeners expect from your debut EP “Still Searching”?

A lot of pain. Its called still searchin for a reason. I feel like unless you mastered whatever your tying to be in life your still searching and on any journey its always pain and struggle but pain not always a bad thing.

Do you have any events or shows coming up that you’d like to talk about?

Im actually about to start doing showing this fall. Videos etc. I just wanted to get some songs under my belt pull. a fan based in so once I start doing visuals they can get views.

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